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This morning I woke up at 5:20AM wide awake. I was craving a run. A serious legitimate craving to go outside and run until my legs were too tired to make another lap around my subdivision. Running is where I work a lot of things out. I get a lot of thinking done when I run. It is just you and your head. Maybe some tunes, but really, you get to be alone with your thoughts. I could use some time like that right now. Yesterday we got nearly a foot of snow. Maybe more, maybe less? I am not certain I didn’t follow the news. I just know we were predicted to get between 6-12 and it snowed a lot.

So the weather is nasty. I have had the flu of some sort for over a week now. It migrated to my chest a bit. I also have mild asthma in general. My nose is still congested. When I blow it chunks of something comes out with lots of blood. And occasionally I cough. All of that being said, running in the winter cold is not the best idea. So I likely wont get to hit the pavement today. I was wide awake. There was no falling back asleep for me. This happened a lot with Jack too. But I will say, if these are the kinds of reasons unborn #2 wakes me up at ungodly hours, then we will get on just fine.

Speaking of that. I cannot get enough veggies. I find any dinner jam packed with veggies to be mouthwatering delicious. I was thinking last night that this baby will be born and the first thing he/she will ask for is some “broccoli and kale kind sir” I am hoping it stays this way. I remember how quickly I had an aversion to fish with Jack. Veggies without something unhealthy all over it weren’t so appealing either. I had a sudden hatred for nut butters. Not this time so far.

Dinner Wednesday night:

Salmon, baked garlic/lemon zucchini, and garlic roasted red potatoes


Dinner Thursday Night:

A pan sautéed steak with grape tomatoes, steamed broccoli, and smoked paprika baked sweet potato fries.

IMG_3281Friday night:

I ate it too fast to photograph, but I made a Paleo sweet potato chili. I even make my own homemade broth to cook it with. I topped it with some cilantro, avocado, and Greek yogurt. It was heavenly. It was the tastiest meal ever. I have a sneaky feeling I will be making it a lot.

Saturday night:

Whole wheat linguini with broccoli, red peppers, spinach/kale/chard, with some mild turkey sausage. I removed the casings. Next time I may use ground white meat turkey I season/cook myself. There was too much dark meat in there for my liking but the veggies were so good! I sprinkled it with fresh basil and Italian parsley. So many nutrients in one little bowl!


I just cannot stop eating broccoli. It tastes so good in my mouth! Ha! And garlic. Today is Superbowl Sunday. My parents are coming by. I am making those yummy garlic roasted potatoes, green beans, and this pretty healthy bbq pulled beef. I bought regular buns the other day but I may run to Whole Foods and grab some whole wheat ones for myself. Fresh Market didn’t have whole wheat ones when I stopped there for stuff on Friday. If I feel crazy, maybe I will roast some broccoli with garlic/lime/chili powder! mmmm

I have to say, both my husband and son really wanted pizza for dinner last night. I was strong and kept suggesting this pasta dish I had purchased all the ingredients for. I was tired. It was a long day. Hormonal day, to say the least. I could have just said sure. It would have been easier. My husband knew deep down I just wanted my veggies. so he joined the healthy side and said just make the pasta! Jack had to deal. We all ate lots of good food for dinner.

What kinds of exercise or food do/did you crave while pregnant? 



I have a big and not so pleasant anniversary quickly approaching. Monday, the 22nd, will mark the 1 year anniversary of my IBS diagnosis. It has kind of put me in a weird place this last week. You see, the doctor’s only prescribed treatment was to toss a small sheet of paper at me and say “This is a new diet that they are trying out to manage IBS you could try this. There is really little else that can be done” I took it to heart. I drastically altered my life and my diet. It is called “Low FODMAP” I stick to it religiously. I do not eat wheat, dairy, sugar, and an assortment of wonderful fruits and veggies it restricts. These include garlic, onions, nectarines, apples, and many more. The list is constantly changing. I have become exhausted with it. I still wasn’t feeling perfect. Do we ever?

I recently started turning to Eastern medicine for managing my chronic digestive illness. My Western doctor wasn’t overly helpful or caring. I was marked off a list because I tested negative for everything else, so it must be IBS, right? Here is this list they are working on in Australia and it could help. Sigh. I went to my 6th acupuncture appointment yesterday. I love my acupuncturist. She is phenomenal. At my 5th appointment we had a lengthy discussion about how at this one year mark maybe I need to take my digestion and health into my own hands. Since, I said that I still had a lot of digestive woes regardless of following this diet for a year! I thought about it and I decided she is right. I already started with essential oils and acupuncture.

Since starting acupuncture I have noticed a gradual improvement in my digestion. It wasn’t over night. It has however started to slowly improve. Without going into too much detail, I have had more better days than bad days. Especially in the past week. I see her once a week. I have started trying foods again, with caution. But I have allowed myself to cross that threshold. Something I would never do before. I have been researching the crap out of things. My BFF sent me some info about Aloe Vera for IBS. I looked into it, liked the findings, and I tried it. I have a fresh aloe plant that I cut and add the innards to my smoothies. I have noticed even more improvement! That was nowhere on any piece of info my Gastro gave me. When I explained this to my acupuncturist she was so happy that I have started to give myself to freedom to change or at least try.


Another big thing….running. I was a runner. A daily avid runner and racer. My last race was Mother’s Day 2012. I placed SIXTH in my age group! After this diet restriction I ended up giving it up. I turned strictly to Pilates. Running drained me. At first I had no idea how to fuel myself and maintain my running. I abruptly took all of my pasta and bread away. Yet I was still running 3-3.5 miles on an almost daily basis. After extreme exhaustion that happened after each run, I decided to quit. Last night, I went for a run. My studio has a running group that recently started. I showed up. I ran. I actually ran at the front of the group the whole time. Muscle memory. My master teacher also goes on the runs. She commented to me that I run beautifully. My torso is in a great position, my hips stay square, and my legs just kind of float underneath me. My coworker, who is running this program, is a very seasoned marathoner, a ton of them under her belt. She ran the Boston Marathon this year. It wasn’t her first time running that one. She commented after that I have a really great pace. She wanted me to come run with her again right then. It is a beginner program that the studio is offering. It is building up to a 5k we are sponsoring this fall. It will get harder each week. I was tempted to go. I could have easily ran more. I said no though because little man was sick and my husband had stayed home to take care of him while I worked, went my appointments, went to my running club, etc. Maybe next Wednesday though.

pink  Brooks are back in business

pink Brooks are back in business

I am a runner at heart. Pilates has strengthened my entire body to keep me in running shape without running. I have not felt this amazing in a while. I am getting anxiously happy just writing about last night. I have missed running. More than I even realized. I am not saying I am not a Pilates fanatic. That is still my world. But like my heart for my family, there is room enough for more than one major fitness love of my life.

It is very hard to lead such a restrictive lifestyle. Especially when it is not by choice. I am feeling really positive that I have begun to allow myself some freedoms to take my own health into my hands. I have lived in this terrified state regarding foods and food prep for a year. That is hard. It is hard on me and my family. I am not jumping right in gobbling up everything I see. No, I am taking baby steps. But like my acupuncturist said, the point is that I am trying.

I have begun to lose faith in the Low FODMAP concept. It hasn’t exactly served me very well over the past year. I do know there are foods on the list that bother me but there are many that don’t. They say you should only eat 1 cup of berries at a time. I can eat berries, especially blueberries until my heart is content. The list is always changing. They used to say Tahini was okay, and then suddenly halfway through my year of this, they took that back. Well I had been eating Tahini often, as an alternative for other dips etc. So I haven’t had a bite of it since then. Sweet potatoes were A-ok when I first got the list. Then they changed it to only a small amount at a time. I stopped eating them as frequently after I read that. One more restrictive thing. It gets in my head that it will harm me and then I freak out, afraid to try it. Or suddenly I feel a little off because I did try something on the said no list. Last night I made baked sweet potato fries with dinner. I gobbled them up. Not counting or measuring. I feel perfectly fine today. I felt perfectly fine after. In fact, I ate frozen grapes after. Without counting. They limit those to about 8 grapes at a time, or so I read at one time. So I think, from this point on, I am not going to be checking for updates. I am going to take my time trying foods here and there. I am going to continue to do my  research of alternative methods. I am going to continue to tailor my digestive needs specifically to me, and not to some list created by well meaning scientists in Australia. Healing is not a one size fits all program. That is why I am falling in love with Eastern methods. It centers around the person specifically. It has been making a positive change in my life. I am feeling happier than I have in a while. I am feeling in charge.

Christmas is over. My husband returned to work today. It is rare for him to ever take a day off, so yesterday was a treat. The living room is still a half disaster. The dining room table, forget about it. I started trying to clear it of all the new things, but I didn’t finish. I hope today I get that done.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Daddy breaking my no treats rule....

Daddy breaking my no treats rule….

Christmas was amazing though. I had such a wonderful time. I loved watching Jack. He was so into it. Very into presents. Loves opening them. It truly did blow last year out of the water. I loved watching him play with his new things. He is so grown up. Not a baby anymore. His face looked older and he would quietly concentrate on his new things. In his own world, playing with his wonderful new stuff. I just sat near him a lot, watching, and being totally over the moon. I covered his squishy cheeks in tons of kisses because I couldn’t get over how amazing he is.

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning!

He is very good about immediately cleaning up the paper

He is very good about immediately cleaning up the paper

If I had to dream up a perfect Christmas I am pretty sure it would have went along the lines of this year. I just am over the moon for my two guys. We really had a great family time together. There were minimal tantrums. None really, in all honesty. The worst of it was late on Christmas Day at my aunt’s house. Jack was just clingy. He didn’t want me out of his sight. That really isn’t bad. Considering he is a month shy of 2 years old.

We had to stop mid opening to read his new book, he insisted!

We had to stop mid opening to read his new book, he insisted!

Daddy and Jack playing with a Handy Manny tool book

Daddy and Jack playing with a Handy Manny tool book

Now we move on to New Years Eve. No big plans for that. A lot of people make resolutions. I do not do that. I find them pointless. People never follow through with them. The way I see it is, if you really, really want to change your life you will start the moment you want to change things. You don’t wait for a Monday to start a new healthy lifestyle and you don’t wait for a New Year to do it either. I haven’t always been so strict with my healthy living. It was something that I refined and honed in on over several years. It started in my early 20′s when I stopped drinking pop and I started to run on a regular basis. Over time I got sucked into this lifestyle more and more. It became part of me. Intertwined to the point where I could not function if I had to stop living how I live right this second. It is me and I am it. So for me, the concept of a total overhaul on anything in life starting January 1st seems doomed to failure. I think we need to give ourselves time to change. Let it consume your life slowly, like a lava. Slow moving, yet so very powerful and consuming. That is the key to true lifestyle change. There are no quick fixes, if there were, we would all be perfect human specimens. I wouldn’t have a temper. I would snap my fingers and never be short tempered again. I also wouldn’t bite my nails, my one big vice. And maybe just maybe I wouldn’t love shopping as much as I do. Ok, scratch that, I wouldn’t change that part of me for the world. Ha!

My point is, don’t set yourself up for failure by putting so much pressure on yourself. January 1st is not some special day where all the stars align and make it easier to change yourself. You can find that path any day of the year. Also, change may take more than one year. A true lifestyle overhaul probably will. My temper is much better since getting pregnant and having a child. I used to not have to care about it. Then I had a child, and now it matters how I respond to things. So I have developed this immense patience over time. I am not perfect and I still get frustrated, we all do. But over all, I can listen to the same cars song 100 times and still not get frustrated. I can be asked the same word over and over. I can handle a tantrum in the store, for the most part, without losing my cool. Sure, I will have a day where I too am cranky, and then maybe I will yell at my child, but I try my hardest to have less of those days and more of the patient ones. It is a practice and I  have to work at it all the time, not just starting on New Years Day and then watch the gumption of my declaration fade out slowly over the next month or maybe two.

That is my advice on New Year’s resolutions. You don’t have to take it. We are all different. That is just my view from my life experiences.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or any holiday you celebrate. I love this time of year because it is all about family. That is what is important, focusing on your loved ones. We did that to the nth degree in our home. I hope New Year’s Eve and Day go wonderfully for everyone. I won’t be putting on a skimpy hot dress and hitting the town. I will curl up with my boys in our living room and spend it with them. That is perfect for me. I may even go out and get some party hats for the 3 of us to wear! Jack is a night owl and I bet, if we let him, he will make it until midnight!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? Do you go out? Or do you stay home with your family and celebrate from your living room like we are? Do you feel how I feel about resolutions? 

I love Pilates Mat work. I have this deep passion for it. I have mentioned this before in previous posts. There is this grace and beauty in it. Especially as you begin to truly practice Pilates. Once you begin to find preciseness in the moves, it is like a dance on the mat.

My mom introduced me to Mat class when I was in high school. She took my aunt and me to a class through the park district. Full disclosure here, I am 27. I will be 28 at the end of April. So, you can see how long that it has been part of my world. I usually don’t like admitting my age. I am dreading the 3-0! I fell in love after the very first class we went to. As time has passed I have discovered the true beauty of it.

I love that if you break it down to it’s most classic form, you don’t need much more than your own body. Sure, a mat would be nice for comfort on the spine and to assist with not slipping, but beyond that, you don’t need all the accessories. I enjoy the accessories a lot, but if you are in a pinch, you can do a good and tough session anywhere. You are using your own body to tone your own body. Your body is finding the grace in the work. If you think I am exaggerating then I dare you to lay down and come up into a full teaser right now. That is not easy and it takes practice and strength to achieve that.

I always used to mix mat work in with my running. I quit running almost 6 months ago. I have entirely replaced it with mat work. I do some Reformer at times, as well as Cadillac work. But, ahhh, Mat work, is nearly daily for me. I have never felt or been so strong in my life. I thought running was the thing for me. Run run run and then run some more. I didn’t truly get to appreciate the long lines and defined muscles of my body until I started really focusing on my Mat dedication. I am more limber and loose. I have used the word grace(ful) over and over in this post, but truly, that is the word to describe this work.

I want to pass the love of Mat on to other people. I want everyone in the world to feel this way about it. That is a big want, and unattainable, but a gal can try, can’t she? Today I plan to do 50-60 minutes of mat work. It is Sunday. The husband is home. If the toddler wakes  up, they can be buds. I can take some peaceful time for myself. I tend to do quicker sessions during the week, in the morning. Between 30-40 minutes. Today I am taking time for myself.

Mat work yesterday. I had no idea my husband was taking this photo (creeper!) But he actually did a good job and it came out well

Mat work yesterday. I had no idea my husband was taking this photo (creeper!) But he actually did a good job and it came out well

Christmas Eve/Day is less than 2 weeks away. It is that time of year for holiday gatherings. For us, that begins this weekend. We are attending a Radio City Christmas show on Saturday night. Sunday my inlaws come over to celebrate Christmas with us. My sister in law lives in SC and this is the year they go down there for Christmas. So we adjust our Christmas celebration with my husband’s parents at times.

We will go by my parent’s for Christmas Eve. Christmas Day will be the three of us at our home until about 3pm. Then we will head to my aunt’s home to celebrate with my aunt’s/cousins. On the 29th we have an extended family Christmas with my family as well. On New Years Eve my parents/siblings will be coming over to celebrate both the New Year as well as mini Christmas. One of my brothers is heading to Texas for actual Christmas. His long time girlfriend is from there, so this year they are visiting her family. The celebrations go on long before and after the actual Eve/Day of Christmas. Plus, every other normal day to day activity. Teacher training for me, being at home with an almost 2 year old, Jack’s classes, taking my almost 2 year old out and about besides his 2 classes (today we head to a Children’s Museum), and my husband being the owner of a successful software company. We never stop. We are always doing a million things. ornament

I suspect we are not the only family in the world that has a holiday schedule like this. So, it is no mystery why I have been inundated with articles about how to keep your workouts during the holidays. I have seen probably 10 or more of them this week. I have to be honest. I have not read even one of them. Why? Because I do not believe there is any trick to maintaining your fitness during the holidays. I am going to be brutally honest here. You just do it. You just workout as your normally would. You find the time. If you really want to, you will. If preparing a gut busting meal is that important so is keeping to your fitness regime. I do it, and I have for many years. Even with a baby and now toddler. Maybe you wake up 30 minutes earlier, to fit it in. You do not have to do a 2 hour gym session. Squeeze in 30-60 minutes, surely we can manage that, can’t we?

I am so busy on a day to day basis, but I always make the time to workout. It is no different during the holidays. If that means Christmas dinner is at 5:30 instead of 5:00, then so be it. This year I started a cold on Thanksgiving. I still did a 40 minute Mat workout. The only exception in the last 5 or 6 years of me missing a workout around the holidays was this year on Black Friday. It was day 2 of a week long cold. I didn’t even want to be awake, but I had to go do some observation at the studio, so I went there. But I skipped any Mat or Reformer work for myself. Had I not been sick, I would have gotten up even earlier to fit in a Mat session at home. Then I would have went to the studio by 8:30am. On Saturday, I did mat work before we left for our trip to Wisconsin. I was still sick. I actually did a few Mat sessions at home while sick. I took off a couple days, which is abnormal for me, but I still fit it in a few times. Sick or busy, I still find some moments to workout.

It has to be important enough to you for you to MAKE the time to workout around the holidays. That is the only secret. You have to remember that your fitness and health are as equally as important as making sure all the gifts are wrapped under the tree.

This year, having a toddler has made things extra crazy. Here is what I have done to keep on top of things, which will make making time for my workout on our actual holiday days easier.

  • Shopping online. You can do it whenever. Amazon is my BFF. Free shipping? Often, cheaper prices? YES PLEASE
  • I have been wrapping gifts as I get them. All of my son’s gifts are wrapped and hidden in our room. I did that during nap times or after bedtime. All of the gifts for other family members? Wrapped and under the tree. I did that while he was awake. I let him “help” me. A lot of people have tape on their gifts. But it got done.
  • Workouts in the morning. That way I don’t have an I am too tired excuse by the end of the day.
  • We have already started meal planning for Christmas Eve. I know what I need to buy, 2 weeks in advance!
  • I have been cleaning the house spotless daily. Yesterday it was while Jack was still up. This way things do not get backed up.
  • I make time 5-7 days a week for Pilates. Especially my mat work. I just do it.

I really do not mean to sound preachy or witchy, but for me, this is the plain truth. I feel very passionate about this. In order to successfully stay on top of your fitness during the holidays, it has to be as equally important to you as everything else is. It is your body, your health, and your well being, so take control of that. Not to mention, exercise is a stress reliever. The holidays can be so stressful, why not be proactive and get your workout in, to help maintain a semblance of normalcy during these hectic times.

I have come to the conclusion that Pilates is in the blood. I have successfully passed on the Pilates gene to my almost 2 year old son! He regularly explores the equipment I have. Yesterday he pulled out and unrolled my mat all on his own. I have a few different sized balls and he also plays with those constantly. You can even ask him to show you his work out. Or ask him to stretch. He has different responses and actions for both of those.

I do take him to both Gymnastics and swim classes. And I talk about Pilates to him. I never tell him he cannot explore my workout stuff. Except the weights, for obvious safety reasons. I love to foster his exploration, creativity, and discovery. My fitness stuff is absolutely no exception! When he has a hard time rolling up from laying down to sitting I have gone over the explanation of how to engage his core. If I tell him to pull his belly button to his spine he says “spine!”  He also says Pilates. It puts a big smile on my face. I have a feeling he will be teaching his preschool classmates how to engage their cores.

Helping me give my mom a mat session

Helping me give my mom a mat session

I did not ask him to come on over and help out. He watched what I was doing and then jumped in to do similar things. He is very helpful and encouraging. He has an empathetic side, he makes a great instructor!

At gymnastics

At gymnastics

I know this is not quite Pilates, but it is physical, it is a sport, and he truly loves this class. He gets so excited to go and usually he does not want to leave. They have him doing all sorts of gymnastics things. Each week it is different. Anyway I can encourage him to have a love of movement makes me happy.

One of his stretches

One of his stretches

Go ahead, ask him to stretch his legs wide. This is the response you will get. With a big smile too. He will also say “streeeeeeeeehhhhtch” He is better about stretching than I am sometimes. Sometimes he stops what he is doing and tells me to stretch, while he also stretches. See, he is already a mindful instructor.

booty barre?

booty barre?

This is my husband’s dip station. Jack uses it as his barre of sorts. He does all sorts of “workouts” here. He will show you a whole class if he is by it and you ask him to show you his workout. He has a pretty good lunge form, especially for a 22 month old!

walk your hands to your feet

walk your hands to your feet

The child naturally has excellent form. He probably looks better doing this than I do. My hammys are usually tight, even if I try to open them. All that running I used to do! Like I said, I need my personal instructor around to remind me to get my stretching in.

teaser prep?

teaser prep?

Teaser is an advanced and tough move, especially with your legs in the air! We are working on his shelf position, but he gets major credit for even wanting to try it this way!

leg circles

leg circles

Ah the dreaded leg circles, for me at least. Again, tight everything in my legs from all that running. I am working it out slowly, now that I have quit being a runner. Eventually I know this move will get easier for me. For Jack, though, it is simple. Notice how he is prepping by giving that leg pointing to the ceiling a little stretch first. Also his chubby toddler toes are the cutest toes I have ever seen in Pilates!

A little ball work

A little ball work

This was yesterday. He pulled this out on his own and started doing some balance work. He couldn’t get enough of it. I stored my big ball in the dip station. He also requested that I take that down for him. He said big ball? Pilates is expanding his vocabulary and understanding of the spatial world. Joseph would  be proud!

I have to point out that every single one of these photos, I captured on the fly. He chose to do these things and I grabbed my phone to make sure I captured these memories. I did not ask him to do even one of these positions, moves, or stretches. They have also all been taken over the last 2 or 3 months. It is in the blood, I am telling you.

It makes me happy as a fitness momma that what I do does not go unnoticed by my child. That I have inadvertently taught him to enjoy exercise, fitness, PILATES, and moving in general. I do come from an athletic family. Both of my brothers still play football/softball/etc in leagues and whatnot. I am thisclose to being a Pilates instructor, I was a hardcore runner, and all that jazz. As a matter of fact I went to see Twilight with my mom and both brothers a couple weekends ago. The 3 of us, her kids, all decided to race to the car after the movie. I lost. I had on my knit Ugg boots, which are not good for running. I felt like they were falling off. I am also nearly a foot shorter than both of them. My brothers also sprint like the jaguars. I would kill them long distance, but not in a sprint. But my point is, we are still athletic and competitive. My dad is in his late 50′s and he has still played on baseball leagues with other guys his age. As you saw, my mom lets me teach her Pilates. She is a big walker as well. So is it any surprise that Jack has a natural knack for the fitness world? Probably not. I still feel like I am doing something right. Especially in today’s America, where childhood obesity has become an epidemic of sorts. Getting my child up and moving won’t be as difficult, because he has this base enjoyment of these things. In a world of blogging, video games, Facebook, 700 tv channels, and funny cat videos/memes, it is easy to sit on the couch for hours on end. Sadly, I have done it. I did it a lot while pregnant. In fact, I am doing it now, writing this post. Sometimes sitting just feels nice. But counter balancing it with movement is important.

How do you get your children up and moving? Do your kids naturally like physical activity like Jack does? Are you a fit parent who has shared the joy with your family? How have you done it?

I am a couple weeks into Pilates teacher training. I am loving every second of it. Pilates is tough. It makes you strong and tough. It changes your body in incredible ways. I truly love learning all about it. We are almost done with mat training. This week I have a homework assignment. I have to come up with 5 exercises for each of my classmates. The exercises must fit their needs as a client. I have to be mindful of current and past injuries and any specific areas that need targeting. For example, my classmates have to focus on opening my hips. Since I run I have tight hip flexors and I tend to be locked short in that area. I know for a fact this is all true and I am looking forward to having them help open me up on Thursday.

I cannot wait to be able to help people. It is so neat. I want everyone to love Pilates like I do. I want everyone to learn that it really gives you definition and strength you did not have before. It helps you in other areas of your life. Your posture improves, your focus improves, your mind clears, you learn how to breathe. To actually breathe. Sure we think we breathe all day long, but do you really? Think about it. It just happens. But do you stop to take in several helpful and deep breaths? To cleanse your soul. To give yourself an internal shower, as Joseph explained about The Hundred. If you do the proper breathing and position when doing The Hundred you will warm up inside, a warm shower. You warm up from the inside out. Once you do it properly you will immediate understand the feeling.

I really do love what I am learning. I am happy that I have decided to take this journey at this point in my life. I am so busy right now, sure. SO busy.But it is worth it. I am getting to train to do something I love. Then I will make a living doing what I love. How amazing is that?!?! But I am busy….

Yesterday I:

  • Went to a Reformer class at 8:30am. I participated for self integration hours
  • Came home, showered, ate, spent a little time with Jack, got ready.
  • I left early so I could run to two stores to find Jack a jacket since it got incredibly cold. (We have matching Northfaces now hehe, his is blue and mine is pink but they are the same style)
  • Then I flew over to the studio with a few minutes to spare. Teacher training started at 11:30. I got there at about 11:25.
  • We had class until a little after 3
  • I ran to Fresh Market to get steaks, shrimp, potatoes, etc
  • Came home my in laws were over. Jason and I prepared the food.
  • Then we all visited until after 10pm! Jason and I even ran to Target in there.
  • Jack didn’t get to bed until closer to 11pm.

That was just my Saturday. I was definitely energized in the morning after Reformer. I am certain that is why I was able to get everything I wanted to get done before class. It doesn’t wipe me out quite like running does. Especially now since I can’t eat wheat. Running is much more difficult. (I say this but I am going for a run in a little bit) I don’t run like I used to. I haven’t ran in over a week actually. This week I was Pilates obsessed with one elliptical workout thrown in there. I haven’t taken a break from working out since Monday. I think I will take tomorrow off too.

If you are looking for a way to energize yourself, tone your body, or LEARN about your body, you should start taking a Pilates class. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses so quickly. You will know what areas you need to improve. Especially if you work with a Pilates instructor instead of a video. I have been doing Pilates videos for years and years but until I started training I didn’t realize the small position issues I had. Learning how to self correct has come easy. I still grab strength from my shoulders but now I realize this quickly. I am able to adjust and move properly. I have been very aware of my body for many years but this training is bringing body awareness to a whole other level. Even when I am driving in the car I correct my posture and I engage my core.

If all the energy and body awareness still hasn’t convinced you to hop on the Pilates train maybe this will.

19 1/2 months after having Jack!

This doesn’t come from thousands of crunches. I don’t even really DO crunches often. IF I do them I am on a stability ball, in order to help elongate my body and keep my belly from popping up or compacting too much. Ignore that I don’t have a face in this, I had zero makeup on and I was about to go for my early morning run. I looked not so awesome in the face. HA!

Have you tried Pilates? What form have you done? Mat, Reformer, Cadillac? Have you done videos, worked with an instructor in a class, or a private session? If you haven’t tried it, why not? Are there any questions you have about Pilates? 

I have been a little quiet on here. I just seem to always have something to do. I have not been quiet in real life though. I have been busy with Jackson, who is 19 months old now! He definitely keeps my days action packed. I have been working out, cooking, going to family events etc. I have slowed down on running a bit. I actually took this weekend off from my run. It has been a bit humid and warm and the thought of running in that kind of weather made me want to crawl under the covers. I figured I deserve a break once in a while so I stayed inside and did workouts in my house.

I have two new videos. Both Jillian. I love that woman. She is the best. I have done my share of at home videos and she is still hands down my favorite instructor. Instead of buying the DVD I have started to use my amazon instant option. Jack has been getting his sweet little hands on DVDS and BluRay discs and managing to scratch them. The kicker was when he broke our BluRay player last week. So oh well!

I bought Kickbox Fast Fix and 6 Week Six Pack. Ok so I have to admit I am not looking for a fast fix in either case. I am a maintenance person at this stage. All of the baby weight is gone, I am mostly toned all over. I weigh about 120lbs. I wear a size 0 or a size 2. Extra small shirts. So I am not using these programs to drop or shed quickly. I cannot give a response on if they do any fast or 6 week fixes. I am going to assume if you are looking for that and you are honest and stick with these workouts as part of your regular routine that a difference will be seen. As with any workout. You have to be honest with yourself though, no cheating!

I am just looking for ways to shake up my routine so I stay involved and not bored. I love learning new moves and finding ways to challenge myself. The kickboxing is something I have always been curious about. I am not very coordinated. I am incredibly clumsy and I have a hard time learning coordinated moves. So for me kickboxing is a new challenge. I have to learn how to punch and kick in step. I am sure I look ridiculous but it is fun to try! Maybe soon I can take a kickboxing class out of the lovely shrouded privacy of my own home.

Speaking of workouts not at home we are thinking about joining L A Fitness. There is new one being built right down the street. I want a place for the winter. I am also now comfortable with having Jack in a babysitting program at a facility I choose. We went to an amazing place about 20 minutes away. We thought of joining there but the distance and the price differences in the new L A Fitness are tantalizing us! So has anyone been a member of L A? Any tips, any reviews? I know this place is new, not even done being built so we can’t think about location specific reviews. Also I tend to take reviews with a grain of salt, remembering that sometimes only negative people tend to review places. However the historian in me instantly gravitates towards doing my research on a topic. Any advice is appreciated so that I can make as informed of a decision as possible.

So my little man is now 19 months as I mentioned. I am baffled as to how this has happened. But I do relish in his growth and development every day. I love that boy so much. It is ridiculous. I love how much he communicates with me. I could listen to him talk all day. He has so many words. He is great at figuring out how to tell me what he wants. Yesterday morning I was getting us ready to visit my grandpa. I was making our breakfast and told Jack we were going to visit great grandpa! He said GA? GA?!?!?! And got very excited. He calls my mom Ga. He calls my dad Pa. So I think he thought I was saying we were seeing my mom, maybe because I threw the great in front of grandpa. Anyway I called my mom to tell her because it was so cute how excited he got at the thought of seeing her. She talked to him on the phone and his reaction was equally sweet. He got rather excited. He didn’t get to see her yesterday but I love how happy he gets when he thinks about her.

So we are eating our breakfast and he is quiet. Then decides to start saying “bye bye” and waving. I said yes we are going to go bye bye in a bit! Very good. I had said we were going bye bye to visit great grandpa. So he remembered our previous conversation. Then after I encouraged him he was right he said “bye bye! Park!” I was astonished. It was the first time he asked me to go to the park! It was amazing. I explained that we weren’t going there but we were going to visit grandpa and that was fun too. (he had a blast on our visit) I just love how he can tell me what is on his mind. I know people say I will get tired of that but for now I am not. I love it and I am excited for him.

Stickers have been a hot item this week. He has finally discovered their awesomeness. He used to think they were weird, probably because they were sticky. But this week he is obsessed and I love it. You should see the laptop I am typing on. The front of it was his white canvas and is covered in layers of stickers. I mean, I put any hipster to shame at this point!

He also has started to decorate us and himself. His feet and mine were covered in stickers last night. Then he started decorating his forehead. He managed to do this all himself without a mirror.

I have been enjoying these kinds of moments a lot lately and I hope they keep coming. He is such a sweet loving boy. I am so excited each day to see what he is going to learn, say, or show me he now knows. I look forward to his bear hugs and sloppy kisses. Being so consumed with love for my child is not a new sensation, in the least bit! I have known how overpowering that love is from the moment I held him in my arms, right after I pushed him out. Yet I am still blown away at times at how much love I have for him. Sometimes it knocks me off of my feet and I stop what I am doing and just think WOW I LOVE THIS KID SO MUCH! HE IS AWESOME. HE IS MINE! I hope that never changes. I hope that I can always be aware that my love for him is so grand it stops me in my tracks. I think that is a happy life. Being aware that there is love inside of you that is greater than everything and that trumps any bad moments or days!

Toddlerhood is challenging at times. It is not always a walk in the park. We won’t get into his separation issues with his cars and naptime/bedtime. So when you can relish in how amazing your love is for this amazing child, it makes those stressful small moments nearly vanish. It overpowers them and knocks them out. At least for me, and I truly hope that all parents can be in the place I am with that. It keeps my patience in check. I have more patience when I remember that he is a toddler and I could kiss those squishy cheeks and toddler toes all day long.

That is my update. Please if you do have any thoughts on L A Fitness let me know. We have never done a membership at a fitness center. This is the first time for me so I am a little unsure what to expect.

Yesterday was a great day. Fantastic day! It was the Dirty Girl Mud Run!!! I had an amazing time. One of the best times of my life. I cannot wait to complete another mud run or some sort and to do this one again next year. My plan for next year is to do the Warrior Dash with my very best friend. She couldn’t do this run because she is 38 weeks pregnant!!!! Soon to give birth to a gorgeous new nephew of mine!!! YAY!

On to photos! It was an incredible day.

I said goodbye to an old friend….

bye bye shoes

I donated them after the run. I am still feeling a little sad this morning that they are gone. A slight hoarder tendency? Perhaps but I ran my best race time ever in these puppies. I really loved them. They were just starting to give me a blister. I know I have my new fantastic pink Brooks but I will miss these.

Still clean

Our whole team

Let the fun begin!!!!

first mud pit. Don’t worry I put more than my foot in ;-)

The above is the last photo until I was done. I was stupid and didn’t clear my camera. My mom ran out of room! Memory card was full. She didnt know how or what she would be allowed to delete. Oh well. Professional photos were taken, so I hope there are some good ones!


we are goofs

yeah buddy!

I am done!

So what did I think? I didn’t feel it was too hard for me. It was kind of a breeze. A fun breeze though. I wasn’t there to win a race or anything of that sort. I was there to have fun and I did. I am not really sore today. My right elbow was scratched and that kind of stings. That is about it. I am going for a run around the lake in a little while. The scariest part for me was the net thing we climbed. It was pretty high up. I have a fear of heights. I flew up it like a little spider monkey. When I got to the top. I looked down and had to take a breath. I was also afraid of grabbing the metal bar and slipping since my hands were muddy. I managed to keep going over without much hesitation though. Grabbed a part of the rope I could instead of the metal bar and went down. Not as fast as a spider monkey this time but still quick enough. When I was 7 I fell out of my second story bedroom window. I landed on our driveway. I have a rational fear of heights. haha But I didn’t let it stop me.

I know I said this but I seriously cannot wait to do this again. I mostly can’t wait for my BFF to be ready to run it with me. We are so alike in everything, even our fitness that we need to complete one of these together. I know we will be able to keep pace with one another. I am just itching for it to be next year now! Her little man will be nearly 1 mine will be trucking into 2 1/2. I think we will deserve a down and dirty momma day!

I hope to have some good professional photos. If there are I will definitely be buying those. I think I shall frame them all over my house hahahaha

I don’t have a solid reason to write a post. No new recipe. Last night was Barre class. I had stuff for the boys to whip up some healthy breakfast burritos. After class I made myself the left over saffron chicken. (excellent leftover dish btw. I heated it up in the pan, not a microwave though. I hate microwaved chicken. It tastes weird)

I don’t have a new workout dvd I love. I didn’t join a new class. I didn’t run a race. There was no big Jack or family milestone.

Wait. Yes there was. I have a new love in my life. A brand shiny new love.


My new PINK BROOKS RUNNING SHOES!!!!!!!! It is time for a new pair plus I am running the mud run. The old ones will be trashed as of Saturday morning. I decided to quick stop before class and see if Dick’s Sporting Goods had anything. Imagine my shock and surprise when my eyes meandered across these angels. I nearly fainted in the store. I think the store guy had been trying to get my attention a few times but I wasn’t really hearing anything. A glorious sound was humming in my ears, “ahhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhh”

They are lightweight. That is my favorite kind. My last pair were lightweight. These gorgeous beatus were made for me. I am certain of it.

If you don’t know this about me you will now. I love colors. I love pink, purple, etc. I love shiny things. Things with glitter. I love polka dots and stripes. I love girly things, flowers in my hair, braids, and waves. I love ribbons.

Have you seen the show New Girl? I love Zooey. LOVE her. She has this one scene/quote in this last season. It describes me to a T.

I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person. It freaks me out. I’m sorry that I don’t talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pants suit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something just to make it slightly cuter but that doesn’t mean I’m not smart and tough and strong.

So you can see why these shoes were made for me. They are my very essence. A more perfect pair of running shoes couldn’t have been made for me. So now you know that about me.

This morning I don’t think we have time for a run before Jack’s class. So I will have to be happy with the elliptical. Tomorrow we are class free but it is supposed to reach 101 degrees here! That is pretty hot. I have ran in that kind of weather before. I did a 5k in the very upper 90′s a few years ago. I just know that since I am a mom now I have a few things to consider.

I shouldn’t be pushing Jack in the stroller that long in that heat. The stroller slows down my time significantly. My child is pushing 30lbs, that stroller is about 25 or 30lbs. Plus any things he has with him, food, water, cars, wipes, diapers, my water, etc. That all adds up weight wise! It gets heavy to push. Plus with that heat those 3.3 miles could easily take into 40 minutes. And I am a MOM which means a small human being needs me. I have to remember that and not push myself to total extremes, so I still probably should not run when Jason gets home.

When we move I want to add a treadmill to our workout room. For winters and super hot summer days. I don’t care for treadmill running so when it is good weather I will still hit the pavement, but the option to stay inside would be nice.

I have a feeling I won’t get to run in my new sweeties until next week. Maybe Sunday morning? It says low 90s. So maybe if I get up super early it will still be in the 70s and I can manage.



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