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It’s a few days into April here in the Chicagoland area. You wouldn’t think it though. It is still very cold and windy on a regular basis. I am not entirely sure summer will ever arrive for us. I am starting to accept that. (Ok, maybe not. I still long for warm sun and playing outside without shivering)

I am into my 2nd trimester. I have a 3 year old that is as active and hilarious as always. I also know what this second baby is as far as gender! We got our Panorama test results back earlier this week. My family is coming by on Sunday for us to tell them. I didn’t do anything cutesy with Jack and I decided I wanted to do something cutesy this time around. I am over the moon about what we are having!

My energy levels have been way up. As a matter of fact, today is my first “rest day” in over  a week! I have been running and doing Pilates. It feels great to not feel like total death on a regular basis. I feel slightly like my normal not pregnant self. Jack hasn’t asked me to “not be cranky anymore” in a while. So, he too has seen the improvement. I felt bad every time he said that to me, but hormones man, hormones. I always apologized to him and explained sometimes having a baby in my belly makes me cranky and it will get better.

The checkout girl at Whole Foods yesterday asked me if Jack was a “helper or a hinderance” as far as grocery shopping. He is a chatty kid and I always speak to him like he is an adult, so I answer his questions and have conversations with him. He was being his chatty self in line. Helping me put all the food on the belt. Talking about each item and asking me questions. I was answering them. Telling him no to more candy and reusable bags (the kid has probably 50.) The comment took me aback. Obviously he is my little helper. Even on days where I wish I could just do it all myself, I always think “one day I will want him to help and if I always deter him now, he may not be interested in helping at all” I wanted to tell her that. To give her my insights on how to parent, but I just smiled and said “he is my little helper!” I really try to avoid making him feel like he is in the way. I would certainly never tell a stranger, right in front of him, “oh, he hinders all of my errands. We never get anything done!” I am convinced that often, people do not think before they speak. I don’t think I would ever ask that of someone. And as a matter of fact on every other errand we have ever been on and someone sees his utter exuberance for life, they always say “You have a little helper on your hands!” They smile and usually tell me how cute he is.

My kid isn’t a hinderance. This second one won’t be either. Sure, sometimes it takes longer to get out the door than I would like. Sure, sometimes we have to stop in a public bathroom, which I hate because they are gross. Sure, sometimes he wants to put the jam on his toast and I am thinking we have to eat now so we can get out the door for school by 8:30. Sure, sometimes he spills food or drinks during dinner. But that is part of it all. That is part of childhood. That is part of parenting. That is part of this whole adventure together. It is my job to build him up, not tear him down. It is my job to teach him how to put the jam on his toast and to cheer him on as he does so. If he thinks I will scold him for those small unimportant mistakes, then what will he think when he makes a big one? I don’t want him to keep big things from me. I want him to know that he can come to me and sure, I may be upset, but I won’t hate him. I will help him. I will love him.

Don’t tell you kids they are a hinderance. Just don’t And certainly don’t ask someone that in front of their child.

When you’re a parent it is your job to help your child through difficult parts of their life. Jack will be 18 months on August 4th, so the difficult things in his life aren’t overly tough to handle. For him they are, but as an adult they really are just small bumps.

I love to be creative. I am a creative person by nature. I have been my whole life. I march to my own beat. I have embraced that. Jack is a lot like me. I try to remember that when trying to overcome certain bumps in the road.

Most recently he went from going to bed quietly and peacefully to full on hour long scream sessions. He was tired. He goes to bed very late. 9-10pm some nights. But suddenly he was acting terrified of his crib. Clinging to me like he was terrified for his life as I tried to lay him down. His face would break my heart. I knew he wasn’t just being a brat. He was upset about something. It was like he was genuinely scared. We have crib toys that light up for him. Two of them actually. We turned them on for him, as night lights. He also knows how to turn both on himself. So he had a light night on a timer. But the problem wasn’t so much in the middle of the night as really when it was bedtime. We read stories before, we have those night lights. What is going on here? I can’t listen to this sad crying anymore! My poor poor baby! But I am also not going to rock him all night long and sleep in a chair. He is almost a year and a half, close to 30lbs and closer and closer to 40inches. He is a big kid and not a newborn!

Then we decided to step up our game. By nature, he is not a scaredy cat. Not at all. In fact he is incredibly brave and usually has no problem jumping right into trying something new out. So we decided to make bed time a little more fun. We started pointing out all the amazing things about his room and his crib. He is very bright and understands everything we say. He responds to requests and questions. He has a lot of words for a 17 month old. So we know he understands as we explain this. He has glow in the dark stars on his walls and ceiling. He can say star. So we reminded him of those and how at night if he is upset to look at them because they glow and THAT is awesome! We pointed out his Cars bedding, his sheets, big blanket, and pillow. Mater and Lightning are all over them. Then we point out his stuffed Lightning and Mater. We remind him that he can bring his books to bed with him, if he feels like reading. Finally we point out his amazing crib toys that light up and all he has to do is press the button!!!! He started to get so excited and smiled and REACHED for his crib. We have done this a couple nights in a row now. Bedtime has been going much more peacefully.

With Jack we are lucky to be able to put a positive spin on things, distract from the negative (most times, not always like a tantrum at the grocery store where he is DONE running errands! ha!)

We also recently did this with an amazing thunder and lightening storm. It was loud and bright. He is older now so I thought he might get frightened if this is going on when he is sleeping. We all went upstairs, to our bedroom. Opened our big blinds. We have huge windows that overlook the lake. I turned off all the lights inside and we watched the lightening like a fireworks show. Jason and I ooooo’d and ahhhhh’d. Jack LOVED it. Stood on the window ledge (we held him still) and tapped the windows, smiling, making noise himself. That night we didn’t hear a peep from him.

So we keep trying out these “making things cool trick.” It works for now. It is a great trick to have under my belt. It helps that his personality is more tuned into responding to this kind of spin. No doubt about that.

What do you do to help your child(ren) through a tough time or stage? Are yours easily frightened? Or do they tend to barrel through life and think after, like Jack. How do you handle bedtime protests?

For the past week or so I have been working on a new crafty project. My son is obsessed with cars, trucks, vans, etc. VEHICLES rule his world. We cannot leave the house without cars in tow. In particular we cannot leave without Mater and Lightning McQueen.

As you can see, Lightning in particular is rather loved. He is in need of a fresh paint job. I can bring along other cars. He will play with them sure, but only if he also has Mater and Lightning. If I do not have both of them he will shake his head no and point at my purse over and over until he gets the right cars. If he doesn’t get the right car, prepare yourself for a meltdown!

So my kid’s lovies are two cars. Not a blanket or a stuffed animal but metal/plastic cars. Always in his hands. He has even managed to master being able to hold them both and pick up other objects.

Now that you have the background back to my project. I made him a car mat. For him to play with and drive his cars around his town. He has started to drive them around things and make a car sound. I figured it was time for him to have roads to play on.

It is a yard long

I made it from felt. I hand cut all of the pieces. I mean it is not perfect scale or size etc. But I think that adds to the charm of it. The words are actually scrapbooking letter stickers I had. I hot glued everything down. Even the letters.The cutting and the layout took a while. I created it all before gluing anything. Made sure it looked how I wanted. I then ran out of hot glue one evening this week while he was sleeping. He was super cranky all week so we didn’t make it to the craft store until Thursday. I didn’t have the time or energy to finish it until yesterday during nap time. It took me a couple hours to glue it all down. At least 2 hours for sure. Maybe longer. I sort of lost track of time. Thankfully we had been at the beach/park/spray park all morning and he took a long nap.

He did love it! I showed him how to drive his cars on the road and he picked up on it pretty quick. When he saw it he immediately tried to pick one of the lakes up off of the mat. It cracked me up because it was glued down and he was a little confused. I have been contemplating making him a felt board. With felt shapes to stick on it. Now that I saw him do that with the mat I will be making that board.

Yesterday I decided to throw together a quick sensory drum for Jack. I call it a drum instead of a box because I used a drum he received for Christmas. It was an instrument set. All the instruments were inside this drum. He has lots of containers that his toys go in. Even a Pirate metal bucket from Easter. I chose the drum because half of it is see through.

I used things I had in the cabinet. I raided my pantry! I used rice, split peas, kidney beans, black eyed peas, and lentils. I had the kidney beans and split peas from a Thanksgiving decoration I made and then I had the other things just from previous recipes. I used his toys inside of the bin. I didn’t have to go out and buy anything specific for this activity. That was nice. It felt like a freebie!

It took me maybe 5 minutes. Most of the time I spent on it was looking for all the bags of dried goods to put in it! What an easy activity to create. He really likes it.

At first I really buried all of the toys. Trying to get him to dig for them. He wasn’t so interested in doing that. Maybe because he is still 15 months that concept was unclear. BUT if they were poking out a bit he loved searching for them. I could ask him to find a certain object and he would dig it out.

Found a block

Score! A car!

Today he pulled objects out on his own, without any prompting. I found the lid to the drum and he also enjoyed putting the lid on and taking it off.

It gets slightly messy, beans and rice all around the drum but nothing some vacuuming couldn’t fix. I vacuumed this morning from yesterday’s session. Jack loves when I vacuum. He gets so excited every time I bring it out, which is at least once a day these days. I don’t mind the mess so for me that was no big deal. The way I see it, he is learning and learning can be messy. So is life. It is nothing a 5 minute vacuum session cannot take care of!

Next on my list is a felt car mat! He is obsessed with cars. He has started to “drive” his cars around and make car sounds. I think a car mat would be right up his alley. I also plan to make a felt board for him to play with, since he also loves magnets so much.I thought it would be nice for him to learn how other things can stick together besides magnets.

I hope to have the felt mat done before next week. I will post that project as well.

I recall a season when I had a lot of time to get posts written. I was tired and nearly delirious from lack of sleep at night, but man did that baby sleep a lot during the day! This meant if I wasn’t also napping I had more free time to write. I don’t have that free time anymore! He does nap once a day for 2 hours at least. But that first hour I use for my workout and the 2nd is assorted other things.

I have begun a number of posts earlier in the morning without finishing because Jack wakes up before I am done. I have saved them all, perhaps one day I will finish those and post them! (That is funny!)

Jack is 1. Well heading into 13 months at this rate. In less than 2 weeks he will be 13 months! He is amazing and wonderful. He has me in awe daily. He has started to show his stubborn personality as well. I don’t think either of us is surprised or confused about that. If you know my husband and myself you know we are two of the most stubborn people around. We are very like minded though, which is why it works for us. Sometimes I have to laugh at Jack’s temper because I see myself. I try to not laugh too much, as I don’t want to totally encourage it. But sometimes it is just too funny. He is a mini me! MINI ME!

Jack's "mommy face" as my hubby calls it

Mini Me and well me!

We are all done nursing. For over a week now we have been completely done. Let me tell you, I have been enjoying wine and other assorted beverages. Naturally when there is someone else or other people around. No getting hammered during the day by myself! Ha! It sure is nice to be able to share a bottle of wine with my hubby. I know some say drinking while nursing is ok and safe but I was never really comfortable enough with the idea to have more than a few sips once or twice.We all make our parenting choices and that was mine. Not saying it is the only way to operate or knocking anyone who sees it differently. I sure drank a great deal of coffee while nursing. I am addicted to it :-) We are all different!

It went surprisingly well, weaning. I did it over one week. That wasn’t too bad because we had essentially been down to 3 nursing sessions a day. I had one bad attitude day from him. The 2nd day. But he got over it and it went unnoticed on his part for the rest of the week and stopping the rest of the nursings! I was a little sad he didn’t notice. I was sad that it was over. But at the same time I am enjoying not feeling worried if I go to the store or a bridal shower without him. I can! My hubby is completely capable of keeping him fed, watered, and alive.

My home gym keeps coming along. I added a step for more aerobic dvd’s. I love it. I went running twice this weekend. February has been incredibly mild in Chicago. Excellent running weather. I decided since I didn’t have to wait around for Jack to get up before I do things so I can nurse him, I went running both days. Jason home with him. It felt amazing.

This week I am working on a Skinny Ms. Challenge. Not a month long one. Maybe soon I will work up to that. Just a 7 day Abs Challenge I started yesterday. I found it to be rather easy. A little tough at the end because I was tired. I had just run 3.2 miles before I started my ab work. The reverse crunches, all 50, were a little hard too. Over all not too bad though. Today I will do Monday’s, obviously. I will write (I hope…) about this all once I am done. My guess is my abs feel kind of fried next Saturday!

That is a brief update. I have a million other things going on, but I should tend to them now.

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me there, I will follow you back too! I am obsessed. That takes up a lot of my internet time…oops! :-)

My last couple of posts have been fitness related. But there has been a lot going on with Jack. I feel each day gets busier and busier because he is so very mobile. He has started talking a bit as well. Yesterday I got to hear him say “mama mama mama mama” all day. He is not just babbling when he says that word either. He says it loud and clear when he wants my attention or wants me to pick him up or any other need he has from me. Mama was actually his first clear word. Over the weekend I went to get him in the morning. As soon as he saw he me he began saying mama mama mama and reaching for me. I was over the moon and elated. I was not expecting it! He babbles baba, dada, gaga, etc as he goes about his business.And he seems to be starting to say dada in reference to Jason as well. Yesterday it really sounded like it when Jason held him.

He has begun to say “ball.” Playing with a ball is his favorite activity, so it is no surprise that ball would be one of his first words. He can throw and catch a ball. It is rather hilarious.

On Sunday he will turn 10 months. I again am dreading this approaching date. I remember early on how I was always so excited for him to turn the next month old. Now I wish it would slow down. His first year is nearly over! OVER! He is nearly a toddler. Jason refuses to call him an infant or baby anymore. He calls him a toddler already. His theory is that he sits up, crawls, pulls up, stands,

walks around his table or along the couch or entertainment center, and is talking. So in Jason’s book that means he is a big boy toddler. In my book he is still my little baby. I refuse to even entertain the idea that he is a toddler until after his first birthday.

I will say I enjoy this time with him. He is so fun and sweet. He loves to play and games are now a two way street. He is so interactive. I can roll the ball to him, he laughs, catches it, and throws or rolls it back. If I clap, he will clap too. I point at him, he will point back. It goes on and on the things he responds to. Sometimes I feel like a child again because I get to play with one all day. It is very fun. Sometimes it is hard work, but the fun times help you to move past any of the harder times.

He is understanding the lessons I am teaching him. He knows when I am trying to reprimand something he did. I don’t yell or anything, but I get a stern voice when telling him no about something and then I get a loving reassuring voice and I explain why I said no. He may not grasp this concept entirely but he knows the different tones and I believe he understands when I say no. I think the positive reinforcement after is so important. Yesterday our cat Lili walked past him and stopped in front of him. He reached out to pet her. I have been teaching him the word “gentle” for months, especially around the kitties. So from across the room I said “Gentle Jackson, gentle” He stopped, looked up at me, then looked back at her and gently ran his hand across her body. After he was done he looked up at me with this look of “did I do it right momma?” I then reassured him he did a great job by telling him so. He was so happy with himself he smiled and clapped. He knows what is going on! So smart. He wanted that positive reinforcement. And he acted accordingly. It just amazes me how much he is learning each day. I can get lost in his development sometimes. I am always in awe of him.

my big guy!

Children are so amazing and such a wonder. I am holding on to these last two months and so many days in his first year. I love each stage but I will no doubt miss the baby stage eventually. Although, if he continues to be as cuddly as he always has been with me I think that will help. Usually whenever he wakes up whether it is in the morning or after a nap he is very quiet and not ready to play (a trait he got from his dad) He wants to sit on my lap and snuggle and watch tv or read a book. He needs a good 15 minutes of this before he starts moving and reaching for the floor to play. I do not mind having to sit around with him and snuggle. I don’t care how much I have to do, I savor those moments of snuggle time each day.

I think I need to be talked off the ledge. The quitting breastfeeding ledge. I am fairly certain I either have about 4 or 5 clogged ducts or I am developing mastitis again. This time on the left side. I am in excruciating pain. At times the entire left side of my upper body hurts. I don’t have any flu symptoms this time though. There may be a red splotch but I also just tried pumping (rather unsuccessfully) and I have been massaging it.

Jack is 9 months old. I have never given him any formula. He has been strictly breastfed and now his solids. But he is always a fan of nursing and getting his milk. I want to go until a year but I am just tired and feeling particularly stressed about dealing with this now. Our household was sick for nearly a month. We all had various viruses. We are finally feeling better and getting back into our routine and now THIS? What? Why can’t I just have a few weeks of not feeling like crap? I know there are worse things in the world but I am having a why me moment! I am and I admit it. I just don’t feel like dealing with it. Is that selfish? Sure. But it really hurts. My boob is even shaped differently than normal. It feels as if there is a solid cylinder in there. Too much info? Perhaps, but if you have never had mastitis or clogged ducts you have no idea how it feels.

I have let Jack nurse the last two nursings on the left side. Before bed and then to try to settle him around 11pm when he woke up screaming. Turns out he had some gas. No help, no relief.

I just tried pumping. First thing in the morning. He is still asleep. I didn’t even manage to get an ounce out. I wasn’t striving to get a full bag of milk. I had no expectation of that. I just wanted to help get something out to relieve this pain. That did not happen.

So I think I need to be talked of the ledge. Because as of this moment I want to throw in the towel. I know that I will be angry at myself later if I give up now, but it is hard to see past the stabbing feeling I am experiencing as I just sit here upright, typing.

Jackson has his 9-month well visit today. We are seeing the nurse practitioner, whom I love! I think I am going to talk with her about this. I have a feeling she will talk me down. She has a way of just explaining things so well. She always makes me feel awesome when I leave there. Even if I am having a good day already. She is so encouraging.

But extra support from stepping back off the ledge is always helpful. Jason says if I do decide to give up now we will get through it as a family. That I have done an amazing job already. I am trying to tell myself that. But a little thing about me, I have incredible mom guilt. I always want to make sure I am doing my best for Jackson. I am a bit of a perfectionist with most aspects of my life. I have always been hard on myself and the mothering department is no exception.

For example, lately I have been giving Jack instant oatmeal. Plain instant oats, instead of old fashioned ones, cooking that, then putting it in trays, freezing it, then defrosting it each morning. Instant oats are the same just less work when I have a 9 month old demanding his cereal. I feel SO guilty that I am taking the easy way out. I still make all of his food. Last night I prepared fresh for him this zucchini, yellow squash, and tomato puree. I served it over turkey with some cheddar/jack cheese. Along with whole grain all natural Italian bread. On the menu to make today, homemade whole grain banana bread, probably some broccoli, sweet potato fries, and maybe these broccoli cheddar baked fries…from scratch. But I still feel guilty that each morning I microwave his oatmeal and then mix it with homemade apple sauce or pears or plums etc. Which I am aware is ridiculous of me. The kid eats like a king constantly. I work very hard to keep track of and prepare all of this food for him.  I am just kind of hard on myself with the mom guilt. My mom told me to not feel guilty about the oatmeal, that I do so well with his food. But this morning when I am getting his food ready I will feel just a tinge of guilt. I know it!

I know down the road I will be mad at myself. Oh, so that should make the decision easy, right? Don’t quit then! No, because as I sit here, even after taking advil, it feels like the pain is getting worse. My energy to deal with it is non-existent.

So here is my ledge rant. I want to  be done and just not deal with this right this second. I want to feel good for a while before dealing with the next crappy feeling moment. I don’t think that is too much to ask, but perhaps I am wrong.


Our household was incapacitated by a nasty virus for nearly a month! We are finally back on our feet and all three of us are seemingly back to normal. Phewf! We survived, we beat it, we are stronger!

In that time a lot has gone on. I missed a 10k, my first, because a nasty sinus infection reared it’s ugly head. I thought I had beat it and then  two days before the run it showed back up with a vengeance. I was bummed but there is always time to run a race.

Despite being sick with croup and an ear infection Jackson has mastered both his army crawl, and a hands and knee crawl. He has started to try to pull himself up on things. He gets half way, so on to his knees but not all the way by himself. He can do it with help. Sometimes, like right now as I type this, it looks like he wants to stand up without even using anything for support! He is silly and I love him. He was such a trooper when he was sick. I am so proud of him.

We celebrated Halloween yesterday! Oh my! We went trick or treating and everything. JACKSON LOVED IT! LOVED IT. He was smiling and laughing. He got excited whenever we walked up to a door. He would even try to knock himself or grab the door handle. He would randomly squeal with joy. And whenever someone mentioned how cute he was he beamed even more. He is my child, the little attention seeking bugger. He definitely does not get that from my hubby.

Mickey and Minnie

Fist pound Mickey

He enjoyed chomping on his loot


Since Jack was so sick I haven’t been running outside. It has been a bit chilly for that while he was ill. I have started using my elliptical again. I have also started using my dvds as well. Switching it up. Today we probably could have gone for a run but I don’t want to push it with him. We went to the park instead when it was warmer in the afternoon. I have debated getting a Y membership and using their childcare services. But I have been noticing when I go for swim with him that the kids in the childcare place are much older. I don’t see other babies his age. I think, wait, I know he will be overwhelmed with that kind of atmosphere. So I think I will skip the membership this year and keep my workouts at home.It is what it is this year. There is a lot of time in my life to focus much more energy on working out at the gym in the winter. Jack will only be under a year for 3 more short months! Plus I do just fine with my home workouts. I am very motivated that way.

Jack has changed his schedule now that he is well again. He is down to pretty much just one nap a day! I am trying to adjust. I feel as if I was spoiled before. I got used to a couple luxurious naps a day. Not me taking them, but him, and then having more free time. I am still trying to get a hang of this new schedule.

I have a few workouts I have found to be fun and tough. When I get the chance I will post a blog about them. I still have to take my photography final! I start my next course on the 9th! I am looking forward to it. I have so much to do all the time, especially now that the little man is so so so so very active!


I came across a post on Facebook from What To Expect. They were asking how you deal with making your child give up their “lovey.” This really bothers me. I have been noticing over the past 8 1/2 months that all of this parenting advice is heavily focused on how to make your child do this or that. “Make your child sleep through the night” “Make your child give up their lovey” “Make your child behave better” “Follow this fool proof method to make your child ______” “What you’re doing wrong when it comes to _____” etc etc etc. It goes on and on and there is probably an article for every single situation imaginable.

Why do we have to force or make our children do things like this? Why can’t we let nature take its course a bit? Jackson normally sleeps through the night. I did not try any method. I did not force him to do things. I just got up with him each time he woke until he started just sleeping through the night. He just did it on his own. Two nights ago he woke up around 11:30pm. I went in there I tried to rub him and give him his binky. It didn’t work. I tried to rock him. It calmed him until I went to put him in bed. So then I nursed him. That worked. It is what he needed and wanted at the  moment. He then rolled on his side and cuddled with his blue elephant with his binky in his mouth. These things are what he needed to feel safe and comfortable enough to sleep. Last night he did not wake up in the middle of the night at all. He obviously needed me that particular night. If I were following some ridiculous method I would have deprived him of that need.

Why do we have to focus on how we can CHANGE what these babies need to feel comfort? Why is there such a focus on the parents controlling what makes a baby happy? Why can’t we just adjust to what actually makes the baby happy? Especially when they are babies and toddlers.

I understand down the road my teenage son is going to want to do something that I disagree with, like perhaps staying out all night. Then we can have a rational conversation. I can explain my views on it and while he may claim to hate me and that I am awful, he is capable of later understanding why I did what I did. As babies and toddlers they will never rationalize the situation. All they feel is that someone they trust took away something they need to feel safe.

I had a “lovey.” I never called it that and I never recall my parents calling it that. It was my doll. I named her baby. I had her well into my adolescence. The only reason I stopped sleeping with her was because my brother and I got into a tug of war over her. It resulted in my well loved doll being decapitated. She had been sewn and repaired countless times. This time I just didn’t ask my mom to fix her. I have to point out, my brother and I have a 7 year age difference. He was old enough at this point to fight me for a toy. So I had to at least be around 9. My parents never made me feel silly for having my doll. There was never any pressure to give her away. It was never even mentioned. Why should it be? Why can’t  I have a favorite toy? I was ready at that point to move on. I just didn’t ask for her to be repaired. I came to terms with it on my own time.

Much like me Jackson seems to come to terms with things on his own. I don’t plan to force him to do things. At lunch time lately he refuses to eat much of his food. I have chicken in it. He seems to not care for chicken. We are working on it slowly. I get a few bites in and he pushes my hand away. He always nurses first. He is getting his nutrition from that. So if he really refuses it I let it go and we move on. If he were starving he would eat it. I don’t want him to feel that eating is a stressful thing. Eventually he will enjoy chicken. It is a big difference from fruits and veggies. Today I am giving him a break. No chicken with lunch.

There is little point trying to conquer a baby. I think it is awful. I wont force chicken down his throat in an all out lunch time war, just like I won’t take away his blue elephant and I likely wont make a big deal about his binky. There is limited amount of time in life to just be little. I am going to let him be little.


I have been up to my elbows in all things “sickness.” It started with Jack and then Jason got it. A day or two after that I got sick. This was all last week. I recovered quickly. The boys are both still not feeling well. Jack just has a cold. Jason has bronchitis and an ear infection. Thankfully the baby is just trying to get rid of the leftovers of sickness. I am hoping tomorrow we are going to be back to normal activities. This is the second week of activities we are missing. We are not going to swim today. The Dr. said on Monday that I need to keep him from activities for at least 2 more days.

I registered for my first 10K. It was a last minute decision. It is this Sunday! I am excited and nervous. I know I can do it but well you know, your first race is always nerve wrecking. I don’t think I slept before my first 5k I was so excited and nervous. I am guessing that I will sleep Saturday night because the little man wears me out during the day. I wanted to go for at least a 5 mile run this morning but it is raining. I have my weather guard for the jogger, but with him being a bit sick still, I just think it would be more responsible of me to skip it. If he were not trying to get rid of the last of this sickness I think we would head out.

He is crawling everywhere! He is quick too. He has started taking interest in standing with the help of furniture and playing. He is all over the place and I am trying to keep up. It is so fun and very exhausting! Which is good. I have been saying if we could have a baby that is born around 6 months of age I would have 10 kids! The newborn days are hard. I am loving everything right now though. He is 8 1/2 months now. Time really goes by quickly.

We were being silly the other day and I did some fall photos with him. I thought it would be good to sit outside for 10 minutes. Get some fresh air.


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