I have decided to order two new exercise dvds. I am getting two different pilates dvds. I base a lot of my choices on Amazon reviews. These two seem pretty decent. One is a Pilates for Beginners (3 disc set) and the other is Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout with Ana Cabn.

I have currently been using Summer Sanders’ SHAPE program. I REALLY love it. I don’t do reviews on Amazon often, but for this one I did. I used her prenatal dvd while pregnant and I really loved her and her trainer/sister in law Keri. They are a great team. This DVD is easy to understand and follow. It has really helped me tone back down into size 4 or 2 (depending on the pants! ha, it is lovely being a woman isnt it?) I have made sure to do it several times a week. It isn’t easy. You really feel the pain during and then for days after. But the pain is definitely worth the results. They offer a bonus Ab workout online. I have been using that regularly as well. It is a quick ten minute ab routine that definitely burns.

But you can find yourself getting into a rut when you do the same program over and over. I want to have an option to switch it up a little bit so I dont find myself getting bored. There is nothing more detrimental to your workout routine than boredom. The moment you no longer find it fun is the moment it becomes easy to skip and perhaps all together stop workouts.

I have taken some Pilates classes and I would like to start again. But for now my main focus on working out is at home. It is just easiest for me to fit it in that way. I was recently suggested a Yoga class on Wednesday evenings. I can pay as I go, ten dollars a class. I have mulled over going for the past few days….we will see. It would probably be good for me to get out once a week and have some relaxing momma time!

Oh and a great thing right now. Amazon is offering a sale on fitness favorites through May 30th. Up to 50% off some dvds! While I was browsing this section (if you dont already know I am really into “couponing” and saving money. So I lit up when I saw this current sale!) I found a ballet conditioning dvd. I took ballet my last semester in college. It was amazing. I am not a great dancer, but the workout and conditioning were great. So, I just added this to my cart as well. (I am a big fan of Amazon. We have a Prime account so we get free 2 day shipping on eligible items!) I have found many many many great workouts on Amazon! I would suggest browsing and reading some reviews. You will most likely be able to find the perfect at home workout program for you. And the best part is, they are generally more affordable!

I will follow up after using these 3 dvds and share my thoughts on each one. I will make it a bit more detailed than the brief SHAPE one I just did.

Now if only I could decide on a jogging stroller…but that is a whole other post! 🙂