I’ve been hitting the elliptical this week. I only did the SHAPE dvd on Monday. I have been doing 25 minutes and I get in about 2 miles. This is not my “running” best time. I know I am not running on the elliptical, but it is what I am able to do until I buy a jogger. I need to knock off at least 5 minutes from that time while doing 2 miles to be at my old 5k time. My best 5k was 30 minutes. I really really miss running races. I need to find the time to get out there and run. The weather is so awful so frequently though that I hate to bring Jackson out in it. I also have to decide on a jogging stroller.

For someone who has an easy time making decisions based on reviews, I am struggling with this purchase. I have read and reread many reviews on many different joggers out there. I simply cannot decide. I don’t know if it is because most are so expensive that I know once I decide I HAVE to be happy with it because I can’t just buy another willy nilly.

On a positive note, it does feel GREAT to be able to get through an elliptical workout without feeling like I am about to die! Those were the toughest when I was 9 months preggo! Often, I was in shock at how out of shape I felt, even though I never stopped working out! I guess that happens with extra weight and precious little feet pushing up on your lungs! So it is nice to be so thin and not have another human being squishing the organ you need to breathe!

It looks like today I will do another workout on the elliptical. I don’t think my dvds are going to arrive in the next 20-30 minutes! I have a few ab/arm moves to try from the latest Parents magazine.

Jackson will be 15 weeks old tomorrow. Almost 4 months! YIKES! I was recently reading that weight loss from Breastfeeding occurs the most during months 3-12. I plan to continue to BF him until he is at least 6 months old. I will likely go longer. We are both really good at it and we have not had any major issues. He is pretty hilarious these days actually. He is a little pro. If I am holding him and about to feed him he opens his mouth and gets all crazy trying to latch on himself. He doesn’t want my help! So I am hoping this extra little calorie burner starts to kick in so I can get rid of these last 7 pesky pounds!

Well it is off to workout now!