I just finished my first post-baby pilates session. I used the new intermediate dvd I bought. It was a pretty quick session.

So my thoughts on Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout with Ana Cabn….

I enjoyed it. I worked up a bit of a sweat. The moves were challenging enough. I noticed a few different moves than some of the beginner pilates classes I have taken in the past. Particularly when you do work on your side. A new move for me was picking up  both legs at once and then after that move keeping the top leg elevated and lowering and raising the bottom leg.

For me this move is challenging not so much because of my core. Any of these moves on my side really hurt my leg/hip. Just from applying pressure to my bony self. I was told in a yoga class to add another layer of something when doing those kind of moves. I will be doing that the next time I do this dvd. I didnt do it this time, because I actually had to stop halfway through to feed Jackson! He woke up early from his nap.

I do notice that my core already feels fatigued, which is great! I was working areas I haven’t worked in a while.

She explains everything very clearly. There are two options, her partner in red does modified versions for people with less experience or who are not quite ready for the more advanced moves. I was one of those people during many.

The moves are labeled on the screen when they are introduced. I feel it reinforces the move for future memory.

It is not too fast moving. The pace is actually perfect. I had absolutely no trouble following or keeping up.

I wonder if the reps could be a little longer? I am not an expert on pilates, or I would be teaching a class myself.  ha! I guess because I am coming from the Shape dvd I have been using these seemed short to me. But it is a different workout targeting different muscle groups. So keep that in mind if you are coming off more intense programs.

I love that I did not need to purchase additional items to fully complete this workout.

I like that she continually reminds you to make sure your form is correct. It is so easy to forget about form when concentrating on doing new moves. Particularly when they are a challenge. It is good to hear that voice remind you to keep the small of your back on the floor, or to keep yourself scooped like ice cream.

There is a bonus workout, which I have not done or checked out. I will do a separate post on that on one.

Overall I enjoyed this workout. It was a definite slowdown from the other workouts I have been doing. Not cardio intense at all. Which is good for muscle confusion. I will be working this into my rotation to keep up my weight loss.