I have been so busy this weekend and even today! I wanted to stop by and write a quick post.

Saturday was a super active day for me. Jack and I had swim lessons in the morning. Then I did a pilates session when I got home. Later that afternoon the hubby and I went tubing. Now that is an upper body and core workout! Cause it sure hurts to get thrown off that bad boy! Apparently some of my wipeouts were rather awesome! Thankfully I was barely sore yesterday and I am not sore at all today.

Yesterday I didnt do a structured workout but we had plans all over the place and I was carrying and lifting the baby, his carseat, his stroller, and his bag. Mostly in heels the whole time! So that was all a workout in itself.

This morning I did 15 minutes of Pilates. Then I did 20 on the elliptical. I was a hot sweaty mess and it felt great.

Jackson and I stopped at the Atrium Garden Center today. I wore him in the carrier while I shopped for plants and gardening supplies. Another workout! I was starving when we got home. Once he wakes up from his current nap I plan to head outside with him and get the things we bought planted!

Thankfully nice weather is here and I feel like I am constantly going nonstop! I love it! We also bought a new grill. Which was a long needed item. Ours was so old and beat up you had to use all of your strength to turn the right knob! Since Memorial Day weekend is this weekend we plan on grilling all weekend long. Chances are I will be grilling all WEEK long too! Nothing like getting a new toy to play with. Especially if I can use it to make some healthy meals!!!

So that is it for now. I may rest my eyes a bit until the little man wakes up and we go and do some planting!