I don’t go to a gym. I have thought about joining the YMCA. I could have Jack taken care of for a couple hours while I work out during the day. It sounds nice. But then I have to pack up the baby, pack up myself, drive there, blah blah blah. For me that seems like a hassle. I really am a firm believer in working out at home. I love DVDS, doing my own moves, etc. Or exercising outside. I think I have made this all clear over my few blog posts.

Anyway I found a good article on the Women’s Health site.

They even have a short 3 minute video tutorial explaining the moves they provide.

Work  Out At Home

The concept is  called the zig zag method. “It effectively increases lean muscle mass and decreases body fat by engaging more muscle fibers and burning tons of calories in a short amount of time.”

While reading about this, and checking out the moves, I realized this is a similar concept as the SHAPE dvd by Summer Sanders that I like so much!

I have personally done each of the moves they share. They can be really intense, especially when you do them for the 60 second bursts they recommend. I am always sweaty and panting after the burst. In the Shape dvd you do them for 45 seconds the “rest” for 15 seconds. By rest you are supposed to jog in place. Then you would complete two more 45 second moves. After that you go on and do some weight work.

Of course I am now interested in completing these how this article recommends. I wonder if I can do it for the 60 seconds, instead of the 45 with 15 second recovery. It will be a goal of mine to try this in the next few weeks.

This is such an easy concept to do even without the dvd! I am such a firm believer in making a gym of your own where ever you are. I have never missed workouts even on vacations. I worked out every day of my honeymoon without a gym facility.  We were in Tahiti. Then I would also go on to do all of the physical activities (keep it clean people! haha) meaning snorkel, scuba, kayaking, etc. I just alter what I do to fit where I am. This is just one easy way to make sure you always get your fitness on!