I have been thinking about something for the past two days. I have been debating posting about it, but I have decided to. It is nothing bad 🙂

I am beginning to be happy with how my abs and arms are looking! They seem to be resembling how they looked before I had Jackson.  I knew my arms weren’t that much of a problem. They really didn’t change much, but they changed enough for ME to notice. I wasn’t allowed to use 40-50lbs on weight machines anymore. Since we moved and the workout room in our condo building wasn’t available I couldn’t do it after having him. BUT I am pretty much back to my pre-preggo push up rep amount. Not to mention I am fairly certain he weighs about 16 or 17lbs. I am always picking him up and carrying him around. He also loves being “tossed” in the air, which is quite the workout! So those werent too “big” of an issue haha


OH LORD I was miserable after I had him. Regardless of how the nurses and dr’s commented about how much my belly had gone down before I even left the hospital. To me, it appeared absolutely unacceptable. Jason, my mom, aunts, friends, strangers even, etc told me how flat it got and it “doesn’t look like you had a baby 1, 2, 3 months ago!” To me it looked ridiculous and gross. I am incredibly picky about my abs. I spent and spend a lot of time on them. I know spot reduction doesnt work. Which is why I do total body workouts. However, my most picky area is the abs!

I do not think I am exactly back to where I was, but I am starting to feel more confident. Thank you pilates! I know I still have work to do to get me to my old skinny self, but this is a step. It is nice to feel ok about how they are toning up. I don’t feel totally miserable and mushy anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I am not totally solid. I know I have much more work to do, but it feels good to finally see some results from all this dedication! I have noticed that my hip bones have started to protrude again a little bit. I look flatter in shirts. My swimsuit doesn’t look horrible. I have even considered getting a bikini for when we are in our backyard beach…but I am trying to not get ahead of myself here. I still am not sure I should be prancing around in a bikini!

I am including two photos, one from when I found out I was preggo and one from this morning. Like I said, I KNOW they don’t look exactly the same, but I am getting there…slowly but surely. I posted all sorts of belly photos as I got bigger and bigger. I did that on facebook. I doubt everyone there wants to see the opposite, so I will save it for here. Where if you want to read it you can. It isn’t just posted in your feed and all up in your face! Maybe this will hold me a bit more accountable on this journey….

We won’t talk about my big problem area in this post, my hips, butt, and upper thighs. That will just bring me down haha I will save that for some other time 🙂

This is me today, exactly 16 weeks since I went into labor. I know they arent perfect, but I feel a bit better!

I was just shy of 4 weeks preggo in this photo. I was bloated too, this was me bloated! *sigh*