I am excited that warm weather is here (or is sort of here depending on Mother Nature’s mood that morning!) I really love being active outside. I have been waiting and waiting since I had Jack on Feb 4th for beautiful days. I want to play outside with him! We have a few times, but still it isnt enough. How is it almost June and there have been far too few perfect weather days?

Jackson and I hunkered down today because there were storms all day long. I am already going batty being cooped up for ONE day after getting a taste of the good life again! Tomorrow we have Gymboree, so at least we will get out then. It’s not quite a jog around the lake, but carting around my heavy child is definitely a workout.

I keep thinking about how much fun I had tubing with my hubby this weekend. Water activities are so fun and such a great workout! I am even interested in trying wakeboarding…..

For now tubing and swimming in my wetsuit will have to do!