Well, there may be rhyme to my reason. At least an explanation of why I was so exhausted last night and just felt upset about lack of sleep. I have Mastitis. An infection in the breast tissue from breastfeeding. Along with a very painful and red splotchy right breast I have flu-like symptoms. Stomach flu like symptoms. I have had a headache all day that wont go away, even with tylenol. It all started yesterday. After finally deciding that nursing wasn’t relieving the pain, I looked it up. I had heard of this through all my BF research, so I searched for it. Sure enough I have the symptoms. I called my OB and they diagnosed me with it. I have been put on antibiotics. Which, I have to go get once the little man wakes up from his nap. The pain isnt what is bothering me. That I can live with. It is the stupid flu feeling I am having a hard time coping with. I am so tired, feel run down, etc. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep. But of course, moms cannot do that. Even when fighting an infection. When Jackson and Jason had the wicked stomach flu a few months ago I took care of them. I managed to not get it. Jason spent all of his time in bed recovering. I am so jealous of that. I have to still be on my A-game and take care of the baby all by myself all day and all night. UGH Yes I am whining because I am exhausted and trying to fight an infection. I think I have a right to feel sorry for my very tired, sore, and worn out self! I wish I were a Dad and could take it easy when I was sick….men have it so easy!