Yesterday I did 2 miles in 19:30 on the elliptical. I did a total of 25 minutes on there, but I forgot to double check the exact amount of miles I completed. I was also keeping my eye on the baby and thinking about quickly showering and getting ready so we could take him on the boat. But I did pay attention to the 2 mile time, I was very happy with it! It was an excellent workout. I was dripping. I felt amazing.

Jack’s 4 month appointment is in a week. I plan to speak to the dr about his size and if he is ready to be in a jogger. I may have mentioned this already, I am not sure! I know I have told people about my plan. Speaking of this, FOUR MONTH appointment! Holy COW! I cannot believe how time flies. I love it though.

These last few pounds are not coming off as quickly as I would like. I am hanging out in the 131 poundage. The ounces will vary. Some days I am so close to being 130….sigh….I was reading that the last few lbs can be hard to drop when breastfeeding because my body needs the fat stores. So we will see. I bought a pair of size 2 bermuda shorts the other day. That is  my second pair of size 2’s. I suppose I cannot complain too much. However, I would like to be back to what I was. Now that it is nicer out I get workouts on top of workouts. Taking the boat in and out of the dock is a workout. Trying to pull the anchor is as well. Quite the upper body workout for sure. Yesterday I had to pull the entire boat toward the dock myself. The wind was crazy and was blowing it on an angle away from the dock immediately after we pulled up. So I had to hop off and pull the back rope. And she has a big old butt! Not exactly light! No complaints here though.

I am not sure what I want to do for my workout today. The elliptical felt nice yesterday. I am tempted to do it again but a different program. OR I am considering my SHAPE dvd, since I haven’t done it in a while. I am sure my muscles would appreciate a good toning workout. Pilates has been going well, but I really do believe in muscle confusion. I try to not do the same thing too much. Unless, it was running back in the day. One day I WILL run again! I swear it! ha!

We took Jack on the boat for the first time yesterday. HE LOVED IT! We are both so glad. Now we will get to use the boat this summer. Ha! We were a little worried we bought this new toy and the baby would not want any part of it. But he loved when Jason went fast. He would smile and laugh. My little outdoorsman!

Captain Jack! (and Daddy too!)

Driving the boat

He LOVES being on his boat!

My little outdoorsman and me!