Jackson is 4 months old today! How time flies! I am head over heels in love with him. He lights up my world every single day. I was looking at a photo of him on our fridge the other day. He was probably a few days, maybe a week old. He looks so different already! Jason and I discussed it last night. He is becoming this little person so very quickly.

  We are definitely loving all of it. He is so fun. He has the best sense of humor I have ever encountered. He just absolutely loves to laugh and smile. He had his 4 month checkup the other day. He is very tall, 26 inches. 88th percentile My hubby is 6’4. He is going to be as tall or taller than Daddy for sure. He is very skinny, 14lbs 3oz which puts him in the 27th percentile. Naturally my guilty momma brain pondered if he was so skinny because I am not feeding him enough. My mom quickly dispelled these thoughts of mine. She pointed out that Jason is tall and skinny, both of my brothers are tall and skinny, I am not a big person either. Genetically this kid had no chance of being too pudgy of a baby lol He just doesn’t have the genes on either side! Also, if there were an issue that the Dr would have discussed it with me. But they think he is doing just great. So I need not fret about anything. He is a healthy happy dooood!

We did get the A-ok to give him some solids if we want to. Sometimes he wants to eat every 2 hours still and that could mean that he is still a bit hungry. So I am contemplating making some rice cereal for him this weekend. I have to get a couple things before I do though, like a baby spoon! haha I found some recipes to make my own baby rice cereal. I plan to try that first. If it goes well then I wont have to buy premade stuff. I will definitely be making my own fruits and veggies.

He cracks me up. He has clear preferences in life already. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. LOVES it. His little head will snap towards the tv if he hears ANY of the characters’ voices. Then he will stare at it, mouth agape. The TV is generally on during the day and he does not respond to other shows that way. I find it interesting because I want to support this love of his so much that I am not Mickey obsessed. Sure, I have always thought Disney movies were cute, but not like this. I am always looking for Mickey Mouse items for him. I want to plan a Disney trip (I know, a bit too soon for that!) I watch the same episodes over and over because HE loves it. The amount of love I have for his love is something new for me. That me first selfishness that most people have in general has vanished when it comes to him. It is all about what makes him happy first, and then me second. BUT I am happy when he is happy. If he is satisfied and having fun, then I too feel the same. What an incredible feeling it is. I found this new sleep bag outfit for him. I LOVE this hat. Too bad it is summer, because if it were winter still I would have it on him every time we left the house. I even said to Jason, “I wish I had known he would love Mickey so much because I would have made his room a Mickey theme!” I was very persnickety about his nursery. It is a brown/blue theme. The furniture had to be just so, the paint just so, etc. But the moment I realized that he loved something I threw out any of my preferences and wished I could have created it how he would like it. Being a mom has opened up a new world of perspective. It is less about what I like and more about what he likes. And for me, that is a big step. I may have had some selfish tendencies when it comes to things in my home. I just want things how I want things, normally. So this has been an incredible growth experience for me. I am loving it!

He also loves when I sing and dance. I have a terrible voice. I am not a good singer at all. I love to pretend that I am and belt out tunes often. I did a lot when pregnant and I still do. I just love singing, no matter how terrible I may be. I noticed early on that singing “You are my sunshine” relaxed him. So I sing it a lot. I dance terribly too. Jason calls me Elaine from Seinfeld. It is that terrible. In Jackson’s world, however, none of this is true. I am the bees knees when it comes to singing and dancing. He laughs and laughs if I do both for him. He just thinks it is the best. His little face lights up if I stand in front of him dancing and singing along to a song. Yesterday he even seemed to be singing along with me to some country tunes. He has a deep baby voice, so I often say that he is going to be a Country crooner like Josh Turner or that kid who just won American Idol, Scotty?

He is finally enjoying Gymboree. Three classes in a row have been a lot of fun. No fussing really and he laughs and pays attention to me. It is so incredible to see him develop. The Dr thought he was just great. He was talking, smiling, blowing raspberries, responding to me and the Dr, and moving around. He kept saying that people are going to love to be around him because he has such a great personality and is so handsome. Truer words have never been spoken! I am one incredibly lucky momma to have such a great boy as a son. We have so much fun every day. He even let me go shoe shopping yesterday and smiled and laughed. We are best friends.

These have been the best 4 months in my life. I look forward to each new day with him. Today we have swim. I have to start getting things together soon. I am not sure what we are doing for the rest of the day. It is going to be a hot one. I want to have a date with my two guys though. If I can convince the hubby to head to the mall I would like to take him to build a bear and make bears for him. It is his birthday after all!