Well an update to earlier. Since Jack woke up at 7:59 and I fed him right away, I decided to go for a run instead of using the elliptical. OMG first it feels amazing. Second, I may throw up or pass out haha or both. Well I am recovering right now, waiting for the hubby to finish in the shower and then I’ll take mine. I had to cool off, rest, and get some water before I showered. It is already hot and humid out there.

So as far as times, when I was paying attention to my app I mentally took note of two and then saved the final.

1.1 miles in 9:00

2 miles in 18:54

2.80 miles total in 27:37

NOT bad! I haven’t seriously run since last August. I ran a few times in the fall, but not regularly. I ran once in early March. So for getting back into it in the beginning of June in nearly 80 degree weather at 8:30am, I say that is pretty decent.

I am going to make a strict effort to squeeze running in on Sat and Sun from here out. I also have decided that if Jackson starts sitting up on his own before 6 months that I will buy a jogger, because then he does have a strong trunk if he can hold himself up like that. He can already sit up unsupported in a chair or on the couch. I think we are well on our way to getting him strong enough to do this alone.

Running felt great. I feel great. Other than possibly having  jello for legs haha Ok I am off to shower and then eat something! I look forward to next weekend. Or if I am feeling up for it, an evening run when Jason gets home sometime this week.