I did not go running yesterday. We got home from swim a bit after 9am and it was already ridiculously hot out. I thought getting back into running in extreme humidity and heat was probably not the best idea. Plus, we were trying to get Jackson down for a nap. He fought us for a while. We didn’t even get him down until 11. By then it was definitely too hot. Oh well. I did do a Pilates Ball routine. I had a hard time concentrating though because he was crying through a lot of it. I cannot block that out. No matter how much I try.

I am planning on doing the elliptical at some point. My husband is still sleeping and it is in our room. If both he and the baby are not up by 8, in a few minutes, I am just going in there to use it. He can deal. lol

Since it was his 4 month birthday we took him to Build A Bear. I definitely had the most fun out of the 3 of us! haha The poor kid had a belly ache and we didn’t realize it. He had his shots on Thursday and we believe that he was still not feeling awesome from those. By the evening regular Jackson was back though! I love this photo because he looks like he is thinking “Momma, please, can we just stop this nonsense and go home!”

Oh! Just heard the hubby get up and go into Jack’s room. He is up. Time to feed him, then I can work out! WOOO HOOO!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, we sure are!