Last night I ended up getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes. I forgot to check how far I did because Jason came home during my workout and he ended up staying in our room with me chatting while I finished my workout. Then I came downstairs to make dinner.I actually don’t like my elliptical. I want a treadmill. It was nice when I was a house but I honestly don’t feel like it does anything for me. I guess in a pinch it is cardio though. I would like to sell it and buy a treadmill….

I made a grilled chicken (seasoned with some fresh black pepper and garlic powder) with berries (blue and straw) and greens (spinach and sugar snap peas) salad. With a light honey mustard dressing. I LOVED it! Jason thought it was ok lol

Jason is home today. The boat has to be taken in because of some recall on the motor. They are picking it up at noon. I have a hair appointment at 2:30. Once Jackson is up and I feed him I am going for another run.

We gave him solids for the first time last night. He was pretty hilarious. He did not cry but he did not look like he enjoyed it.We will try again tonight….much to his dismay! LOL Poor kid, we are so mean giving him Organic Rice Cereal.

I am watching the news and they are talking about how training starts TODAY for the Chicago Marathon. You start with 3 miles a day. I am itching to do this. I don’t think realistically I have the time though this year. Mostly because of nursing. If I weren’t nursing Jackson I think things would be easier. I want to try to do this next year though. He will be a year and 4 months, not dependent on me feeding him. He will be big enough to be in a jogging stroller. He can go with me while I train. That is my goal for next year. So for now I will just be happy squeezing runs in when Jason is home….