I went running yesterday morning like I planned. No run today because Jason isn’t home. Yesterday was SUPER hot even in the 7am hour! OH MY GOODNESS! It was definitely scorcher out there. I decided to not go any farther because it was so hot and I had no water on me.

I completed

2.80 miles in 28:16

I added 39 seconds to my total time. Like I said, it was incredibly hot. My legs were (and are) still sore from Sunday’s run. So that slowed me down a bit. This time wasn’t too bad considering those two factors. I think I will do rather well during my 4th of July run!

Today will be a pilates day. To give my quads some rest. That is the really sore area.

This weekend is supposed to be a bit more mild out, the 70s. I am looking forward to running on Saturday and Sunday morning. I am making it happen! 🙂 Between swim and church I will squeeze it in somehow!

I haven’t lost any more weight. I guess the fact that your body clings to these last few pounds when breastfeeding is no joke! At least my muscles are getting toned! (or I keep telling myself every time I get down when I step on the scale, which is every day at least once!)

Countdown until I can put  Jack in a jogger:

57 days!