I kept right on track yesterday and went for a run in the evening. It was my best time since getting back into it.

2.90 miles in 27:30!

I should have did the last .10 mile but I was back home again. I was also on borrowed time. Jack was still asleep when Jason got home. BUT he hadnt eaten in many hours because of his long nap. Jason told me to just go, and if the baby woke up he would entertain him until I arrived home. When I got back to our house area I just went home. I was worried he was awake and starving. He was starting to stir when I walked in the door. I was able to quick shower though!

So tonight I just have to extend my route a little bit more than I did last night.

At this rate on July 4th I will run my best 5k ever! I don’t believe I ever got under 32 minutes. I cannot remember clearly what my best time was. It has been so long!!!! But I am setting myself up for doing it in 30 or less! I KNOW that will pay attention from now on. I am so excited for this!

On an even more exciting note….I hopped on the scale this morning! 🙂 I am weighing in at 130.0 even! This also came before nursing Jackson, since he is still sleeping! My little lazy duck. I am guessing had I nursed and pumped, like I plan to try to do today, I would have broken into the 129 poundage! My left breast is particularly engorged this morning because he hasn’t eaten from it since about 10pm. He woke up at 4am and I fed him on the right side, so even that side is starting to get a little engorged. BUT I will take the 130.0 even. Yup, I should drop into the coveted 120’s soon enough. This is the lightest I have been since having the baby! It is a great day.

So good riddance baby weight. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I will beat you by running you off. Literally. Pilates and running. These have always been the two best workouts for me. I have known this, but I was having a hard time getting back into running early on. Now that I have I don’t plan on letting anything stopping me. Thankfully my hubby is a good guy and is supportive. I get to go for runs when he gets home or early in the mornings on weekends. Once August rolls around and I get my jogger, then I can squeeze it in with Jackson.

It may be incredibly gross and rainy out today, but inside my home it is bright, sunny, and 75! he he he