Got a run in today. I didn’t yesterday. I did do a really challenging pilates session! I was dripping. My mom came over last night to visit with Jack, so I skipped a run.

This morning I got a lovely side cramp, but I did 2.90 miles. I wanted to do at least 3 miles but I stopped because at the end it was just unbearable! Oh well!

On a great note, I did my daily weigh-in and I AM IN THE 120’s!!!!! 129.8!!!! I will take it! This feels soooo good. I am sure I will level out for a few weeks soon. It seems to be how this has been going. I lose a pound or two and then I stay there for a few weeks. But I am thrilled to be back in the 120’s. Slowly but surely I am getting there!

Also, I don’t think the Mastitis is back. This morning I woke up and all symptoms were gone. So I canceled my Dr. appointment. They think maybe it was just a clogged duct and it passed. phewf!!!

Today is our 3 year wedding anniversary. Time sure flies by. I cannot believe it has already been 3 years!

Today is the last day for bananas for Jack. I won’t be giving him a banana/rice combo either. Just bananas. Tomorrow he will start a new food, AVOCADO! mmmmm 🙂 I hope he likes it!