Yesterday I introduced avocado to Jackson.

mmm avocado puree

I was not sure how it would go over. He wasn’t really into the rice or the banana I made for him. I was pretty sure it would be another grimace session. I was totally wrong. He absolutely LOVED it. He has never been so eager since we began a week and a half ago! He was all smiles.


He kept opening his mouth for more. I was by myself, since he eats solids around lunch time. I kept trying to take photos and video, so Daddy could see his excitement. Jack kept getting impatient with me if I didnt get the next scoop into his mouth quickly enough!

more please!

It was so precious. I am not sure who was more excited, him or me! I even heard him make the “mmmmmm” sound a few times. He ate the whole serving of food too.

mmmmm momma! mmmmm

I was actually scraping the sides of the bowl trying to get as much out of it as I could.

I have so much fun making his food. I really enjoy it. Because avocado should be made fresh I bring him into the kitchen with me after he has some milk around lunch time. I give him toys to play with. We put on music too. I sing and dance while I prepare his food. It is a nice time together and I am cherishing these moments so very much. I LOVE doing things with him and this is just one more activity I can add to the list. He is happy just being in the same room as me. I am lucky to have such an easy happy go lucky baby boy! We will be doing more avocado today, tomorrow, and Saturday. I think I will introduce pears next! Then I may go back to bananas. I may even try a banana-avocado puree.