Yesterday I did two workouts. A shorter weight-pilates with a focus on the abs in the morning. Then I went for a run at night when Jason got home. I expanded my route! It was about 80 out but I wanted to keep going. So how far did I go you ask? Did I finally do over 3 miles?

Well I DON’T KNOW! At some point I hit pause on the pedometer I use on my iPhone! It was on pause for some time. Once I realized this I hit start, obviously. I ended up doing 2.77 miles according to the pedometer. So I know it was more than that. I am guessing that I did around a 5k. I am planning on going again tonight, the same route, to see. I will be careful to not hit pause. I carry my phone in my hand. I had an armband but I don’t know what happened to it. I haven’t bothered to order a new one. I will, eventually, but I just haven’t yet. Carrying it in my hand is really no big deal either, until I accidentally hit pause. It has a lock on it, and I thought the lock prevented you from making the pause button pause. However, all it does is prevent the phone from going to sleep. If it goes to “sleep” the program automatically stops. So it acts as a screensaver of sorts.

I found myself very annoyed with myself. Like, I was wasting this run. I wanted to know my time, distance, calories, etc! I am really particular about timing my feedings with Jackson too. I get bothered if the timer for that gets messed up. I clearly need to let my OCD tendencies go and bit.

We will see how tonight goes! I will pay more attention today.