I skipped running yesterday. I was just so exhausted. I think Jackson is going through that 4 month wakefulness that can occur. Where babies who previously slept through the night begin to wake again. Except, Jackson has never consistently slept through the night. So this means he is up nearly ALL night again! UGH So I gave myself a cardio break yesterday. I did some ab work and glute work though.

I went for a run this morning. I have concluded that I have to go for runs at night from now on. It is too muggy in the mornings right now. Last weekend the same thing happened. I couldnt breathe then or today! I even took an allergy med this morning before I went but it was no match for my asthma and them mugginess. So my 5k run on the 4th should be interesting. I no longer expect myself to do my best time, if it is this muggy out then. Maybe we will have a dry heat….haha! I am so drenched. Yeah, I am blogging before a shower. I wanted to catch my breath a bit before standing for too long. I dont have an inhaler anymore. I need to go see a dr and get a new prescription. My old allergist is downtown, and we are 30 plus miles away!


It is father’s day weekend! YAY! We gave Jason his gifts early today. Tomorrow we are having my dad and brothers over and Jason’s parents over. So I thought we would just have a little family time today and Jas agreed. At 3 we have a Father’s Day party at Gymboree. We do a photo session at Sears and then head over to Gymboree for an art project. Jason gets to see Jack’s school and meet his teachers! I am very excited about this. He has never seen where we go every Thursday. So it will be nice for Daddy to be involved with this too.

I just wanted to do a quick post. Have a great weekend!