Today I decided to deactivate my facebook page. Most likely it will be temporary but I have just about had it with social networking. People are generally so miserable on there. Jason has a word for them, which I guess applies to forums too (which I don’t participate in much) trolls is his name. When someone is grumpy on there he just calls them that.

Jackson sleeps through the night once in a while. But on average he is still up at least once a night, even with solids in his diet. It is what it is. I just get tired on rough nights. Last night was one of those. He was up around 2am, 5:30 am (I did not go in there then) He quieted down and then was awake again around 6:30am. I went in and started our day at 6:30. I am pooped! He was grumpy all morning. I left my almond milk out last night on accident so I had nothing to eat for breakfast this morning. Then when it was time for his morning nap he fought me. It took me over 50 minutes to get him asleep. We had Gymboree today and we needed to pick up our photos from Sears, so I left early. We hit unexpected traffic. He doesn’t like being in traffic. I think the stop/go irritates him. If we are on a open expressway he is great but a traffic jam and he gets a little squirrley. So it had just been one of those adventurous mornings, you know?

When I got to the mall I went to park near Sears, which I normally do not do. I usually park by Macy’s.  As I went to go down the lane I noticed this “family parking” sign! I actually got really happy. How nice! Parking for people with young children and expectant mothers. It really cheered me up. I know it is silly and simple but it really did. I normally never look for close parking. I enjoy walking from father in the lot and I find it less stressful to look for parking there. But there was a spot open and a sign designating it just for me. I took a photo of it and texted it to Jason saying it made my day. Then I posted it on facebook with the same caption. This was my mistake. A handful of people ripped into how lazy it is and how it isnt right for parents to get special parking. By the time I got out of Gymboree there were some 23 comments of people going back and forth.

Being a parent is hard. You have great days, good days, ehhh days, bad days, and terrible days. Today was borderline ehhh and bad. It was just tough and I am tired. So I did find some solace in this small little “sign” (literally!) It just made me smile and I thought “why the heck not”. I felt like sharing my small piece of joy. I did not need other people to rip it apart or tell me that I am basically lazy and that walking in the parking lot is exercise. Quite frankly, I am the last person who needs to get in extra exercise. If you ask my mom and probably Jason as well, I need to work out less. I am entitled to a break here or there. I run 3 miles nearly every day. Some days I do pilates AND run 3 miles. So if I don’t walk far from the parking lot for the first time in 15 weeks (which is how long I have been attending Gymboree), I am not lazy. It is not unfair to have parking for this reason. If it bothers you, park somewhere else. Or like my hubby said on the comment thread, SHOP somewhere else. AND if you do truly believe in parking far for added exercise, then this close spot shouldn’t bother you because you would never park that close, reserved spot or not.

So that is how I feel about this. I am frustrated that I cannot even have a happy post without people bringing in negativity. This should not have even been an emotional or controversial post. Honestly. It was only about how this small thing made my day one itsy bitsy bit easier. That is it! I did not post it with the intentions of other people finding it lazy, offensive, or feeling jilted because they don’t have special parking. So facebook and I are on a break. For how long, I have no idea. Jason wants me to activate my page and just edit people. He said he is sad because all of his photos are now missing from his page. Ha! I am the one who posts all of our photos. He never ever posts a photo. I may go through my friends list if and when I decide to head back into the social networking world.

Until then if someone needs me or want to talk they have my blog here, my email, my phone, or they can come over and visit. We have a boat, we like water sports, I make a mean fresh salsa, there is an incredibly personable and cute baby chilling around the house, it’s a good place to be!

On another note, it is official Jackson hates clothing stores. He got grumpy at Ann Taylor Loft. As soon as we left, he was fine! This is a constant pattern with him, so I am beginning to accept he is mini-Jason and does not like shopping for Mommy clothing. Sigh….I wanted a little boy….I certainly got one! I wouldn’t change a thing either!