Yesterday was sweet potato day for Jackson!

they were pretty tasty!

He has become a little pro at eating his solids. It has become a part of his daily routine at this point. So he was in his chair all ready to go. He is a good little birdie and opens up his mouth as soon as he sees the spoon. He wasn’t paying attention to the color on the spoon though.

wth mom!

His reaction was rather hilarious! I still had the flash off from taking photos of the sweet potatoes. But I think the photo still speaks volumes. He was expecting avocado or pears. I have waited to introduce something new because we have been so busy. He does fine with the pears and avocado and I didn’t want to chance an allergic reaction. So far so good though. We aren’t allergic to foods really. Well I am a bit lactose intolerant but it doesn’t cause anything more than gas really. Too much info? So we are not overly concerned that he is going to have severe food allergies or anything. Now, seasonal or allergies to animals, most likely. We both have those.

Anyway. He was initially a bit shocked at the difference. Not quite sure what to make of this new flavor and texture. It is a bit thicker than anything I have given him before. His faces crack me up.


The second bite was still a bit confusing for him. He eventually warmed up to the entire experience. They are tasty, I tried some. There is a bit of sweetness to them. They do not taste awful, that is for sure.

I do love how vibrant the sweet potato is though. Such a beautiful orange.

I was happy to get another color into his diet. I have mentioned before that food colors are important to me. He is getting a whole new world of vitamins with the sweet potato. These were also easy to make. I have read that you should bake them. I decided to steam them. I cut them up into small pieces. I used two sweet potatoes. They steamed very quickly. They certainly did not take as long as a normal potato would take to cook.

As I mentioned I did not make them as thin as I have been  making the pears and even at times avocado. He is 5 months old now and has been eating solids for a month. I am ready to start making things a bit thicker for him. Next month I plan to introduce some spices to things as well.

a small smirk???


He did warm up to all of this. He realized they did taste good! He ate just about the entire serving. I think he had one or two spoonfuls left. I try to not force him to finish things. We were both raised that way, to finish what is on your plate. However, we both firmly believe that is never the way to eat.  I understand how this has been passed down through the past couple of generations. Especially with my grandparents being born during the Great Depression. You shouldn’t be wasteful. BUT, really, you should only eat until you are full. I try to only take a bit of food and go back for more if I am still hungry. With him, it is hard to gauge still. No big deal. But we do not want to instill that he has to eat even if he is no longer hungry. So if he is no longer interested I don’t fight him. If he isn’t interested in the beginning I stop and we try again later. Not worth fighting or getting stressed over.

see, he loves to eat! I am not lying!

If he is hungry, he will eat. I know my child. He loves to eat, so if he is avoiding it, there is a reason. I cannot get over how funny and fun he is during all of this solid food eating. Today should be interesting again. I wonder if he will remember that they are yummy, or if he will be initially shocked?

On another note. Jackson is over 5 months old now. I cannot get over how quickly he is growing. We have started getting him to stand. Not on his own, but his leg muscles are very strong. He enjoys being on his legs. I am starting to get nervous. He is going to be running around here soon. Jason cannot wait…..and me, well I miss my little newborn!

My hands are just there so he doesn't fall over....all his weight is on those perfect chubby little legs