I have been so busy lately! Tomorrow Jason’s family arrives. Jackson will get to meet his aunt, uncle, and cousin for the very first time. We are very excited. Our garage sale was this past weekend. We have just been doing a million things this summer.

Today’s temperature is a little milder. I decided to get a run in with Jack. Oh my, I really need to get into stroller running shape. It is a lot harder of a run pushing about 45lbs! Between the stroller, Jackson, and the things I pack in the stroller. The air was humid, which always makes any run hard for me because of my asthma. But it felt great to get out there, even if we did do some walking.

I then weighed myself when I got home. I haven’t been doing it daily lately. Sometimes I just don’t want to know. If there is a small gain in ounces, then I don’t get upset. I am too busy to be dwelling on weight constantly. Today I thought what the heck, it has been a while. I got on the scale two times to verify this. I am 127.0! I have 3lbs to lose!!!! Jack will be 6 months in one week and 2 days. AND I HAVE 3 POUNDS LEFT! That is it. I am very proud of myself and all of my hard work. Being a mom, and especially a new mom is tough. It is quite a learning experience. It feels good to achieve this accomplishment so soon.

I am fairly certain that I will have shed all these pounds well before his first birthday on February 4th.

Oh and I found a solution for out of control weather days. I have to go back to my DVDS. I had gotten so spoiled with running again that I forgot all about my SHAPE DVD in particular. I did it on Saturday morning. It felt great to work those muscles. So I may put off getting a membership anywhere and just use the DVDs for now. Come winter, I will reevaluate my plan. Running on a treadmill stinks. It is so boring that I can barely get through a single mile, let alone over 3!

So happy day. I am off to finish getting things ready around here for the rest of this exciting week.