The baby weight journey is getting closer and closer to an end. Yesterday I weighed myself and the result was….drumroll please…..126.2lbs! It is kind of funny though. I have been taking a break from running. Not because I wanted to but because the weather was absolutely uncooperative. I had mentioned I started doing my SHAPE dvd again, along with squeezing in a run whenever temps were mild enough (like yesterday), tubing, wake boarding, and the general activity that comes with having a 6 month old. I also wear him a lot and he is pushing 17lbs. Not to mention that on vacation this past week I went on a hot walk with my family. I ended up carrying two of my cousins, no not at the same time, up and down a few hills for quite some time. Their little legs were tired so I decided I would give them some relief. My aunt was hilarious and said “Ok Jillian” haha One is 7 and one is 5 years old.

I am happy with my progress. I do not feel perfect yet, but I have previously shared that even before I had Jackson I never was 100% satisfied with my body. That is my battle to fight. I am used to it by now. I am incredibly picky and hard on myself.

But I am enjoying the satisfaction that comes with this weightloss. Hitting the 126 mark really feels like some boundary line. It is as if weighing 126 and below is satisfactory in my book. I do not know why this number feels so golden, but it does. I am so close to the platinum number that I feel really relaxed about it now.

I will definitely be back to normal before Jackson’s big Mouseka-bash in February. Oh yes, his party is going to be Mickey themed, since Mickey is his favorite.

What are your weightloss tips? How has your journey been going? Are you already at your golden number? Or maybe you have hit that platinum goal number! Maybe you have been successful at maintaining weightloss (I am looking forward to that day, ah a little less work and anxiety! I can maintain weight easily, I have done it before!) Share your thoughts/tips below!