I talk about the SHAPE with Summer Sanders Dvd a lot.  It has occurred to me that I have never written a detailed post just about this Dvd! How strange, since I use it so often and I really love it. I have used it a lot and lately I have been doing at least one of the sessions a couple times a week. I have been switching it up between going on 3.6 mile runs and then this Dvd. Today will be a Dvd day because it is supposed to be a high of 85 and I feel that is too hot to make Jackson sit in the stroller for that long, even in the morning.

There are three workouts:

  • Jumpstart Cardio
  • Calorie-Burning Inferno
  • Core Power Boost

There is an option to mix and match these as well, to make your program longer if you would like. They also offer a link to a free Quick Ab Flatteners Digital Workout. You just have to give them your email address and you get a 10 minute ab focused tough workout.

What I like:

  • That there are three workouts. I often switch them up. This way I don’t get stuck in a rut and a weight loss plateau for too long.
  • Each workout is not too long. Now, let me explain, because in a way this is a con too. But currently for me this is a good thing. Jackson does not mind going on runs that can last almost 40 minutes. He will happily sit in the stroller, taking in nature, and just relaxing. Jackson will not sit in the living room and watch me exercise for 40 minutes while he is sitting on the floor or in his saucer. He is a 6 1/2 month old if he sees me looking silly he thinks it is play time! So for me, indoor workouts need to be tough, efficient, and quick. This is exactly that!
  • They make you sweat. All three of them. This is not some leisurely video. No way! Even the core power boost makes you drip with sweat, and it is not cardio focused like the other two.
  • They are funny and silly instructors. But they know what they are talking about. You are repeatedly told to not worry if you have to take a rest or you can’t quite keep up. That this is designed for you and it is ok to take it at your own pace. I appreciate that. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but there are times I have a hard time keeping up. I am not quite an Olympic Athlete or a professional trainer! So it is nice to hear encouragement that yes, it is ok to feel tired!
  • The weight loss and size loss that have come along with doing this Dvd! Yesterday I was at Loft trying on clothing. The size 2 jeans were too loose in the waist. So were a pair of size 2 cargo capris. I also put on an xs dress and I felt it was a bit too baggy in my upper body. So I did not get either. Jackson was running out of mall patience so I did not bother looking for anything smaller. He is a boy after all, and really does not like the mall, even at this age. 6 months ago I was in dressing rooms near tears because I couldn’t even squeeze into a size 6. I was thinking, “I will never be skinny again. I will never get back to what I was before this baby.” I have been dedicated to losing this weight. I truly believe this Dvd has had a huge part in helping me lose the weight and drop sizes. I do run and whatnot, but I do use this Dvd too.

What I think about each workout:

  • I feel the Calorie Burning Inferno is the toughest workout. For me at least. It has gotten easier the more I do it. Man my chubby post baby self really struggled with that one at first. Now that I am nearly back to my old self, two pounds, I have a much easier time. But I still get out of breath. I still feel the burn, although, the next day I don’t burn quite like I used to. I have to admit that with this one, sometimes I am wondering how much longer I have left. Probably because I do struggle with this one a bit more than the others. So it is a mental thing at this point. I just need to dig and get through it. I keep telling myself I am losing inches!
  • My favorite one to do is the Jumpstart Cardio. I feel it is a good mix between cardio and strength training. I don’t find myself wondering how much is left. The workouts are fun and even different, like the frog hop at the end!
  • The Core Power Boost will make you sweat! A lot of balance and weight work with this one. I was shaky at first with the balance. Again, I had just had a baby and everything with me was “off” but after time I have gotten better. Not perfect, but better. I have noticed an improvement in my balance when doing this routine, which means my core is getting stronger.
  • Ab Flatteners Digital Workout is amazing! AMAZING! It burns oh so bad, but you know it is oh so good! Ten straight minutes without a break of ab work is just fantastic. It is not just crunches either. Sure, we do a some crunching, but there are other ab moves that work other muscles in there. I particularly like that they do one back move at the end. It really feels good to strengthen your lower back after all of that ab work. They talk about how we are just balancing things out, and I couldn’t agree more.

What I don’t like…this is a stretch…

  • I do wish the workouts could be longer, or at least that there was a longer option to choose from. Ha, I know I said that I like that they are short. But sometimes the hubby is home and I do have some more time to workout. I suppose I could just start doing more than one at a time. So like I said, this is a stretch. It is more just me probably being exhausted and wanting to say I would like more! But I probably really don’t.
  • I like this but as a warning to anyone who has bodily issues, knee, back, etc. You do a lot of jumping in this dvd. A lot. I really can’t do it upstairs because it sounds like I am coming through the ceiling to Jason and Jack. I love the jumping, a great workout, but if you have any injuries in which this isn’t a move you should be doing, you may want to consider that. They do offer some alternatives but not all the moves can be totally modified for no jumping. Just a thought!
  • That is it, really. Which are not true dislikes…ha!

What you will need:

  • Weights. I have two sets. A 3lb (bought those for when I was knocked up) and an 8lb set. I switch it up depending on my energy at that moment. Sometimes I start with the 8 and get a bit fatigued so I go down the 3lb set.
  • Gym shoes. You do a lot of jumping, it is just easier on your knees with good shoes on. I use my running shoes.
  • A positive attitude! Ready to work hard and sweat.
  • A computer, dvd player, gaming system that allows you to play dvds. I currently use my laptop.
  • That’s it! Nice and simple!

Overall I highly recommend this Dvd. I have recommended it to a lot of women I know. I can sing it’s praises every day. On a side note, her Prenatal Dvd is also amazing! I recommend that to a lot of preggo women. It is how I became introduced to this amazing pair of women.