Yesterday I got out of the house for some serious girl time, for the very first time since having Jackson. He will be seven months in 6 days! YIKES. Well I have been out and about, but with him in tow. Yesterday was all by myself! I went bridesmaid dress shopping for a wedding I am standing up in. My dear friend Christine is getting married in April. We have been friends since we were about 14. Our other friend, Wendy, who was my maid of honor, is her maid of honor. It was so very fun and refreshing to get out with these two beautiful and wonderful women. I had two bags of milk available for Jack. One I defrosted in the fridge overnight and the other was still frozen, but the hubby could manage if there was a starvation emergency. Although, these days, he doesn’t drink that much milk so quickly. So I was able to be out and about totally relaxed and unworried.

Jason had some interesting baby entertainment ideas while I was gone. It cracks me up.

Pool in the house!

Jason set up a pool in our living room! Jackson had a blast.

Are you sure dad? What is mom going to say?

He really does love the water. We started swim at 3 months, but took a break because summers and Saturdays got really busy. We did not want to overwhelm him. 

He looks just like me as a baby in this pic!

But he begin swim lessons again on Wednesdays next week! I think he is going to be ecstatic. He loves bath time, and he loves living room pool time. Although, Jason admitted this created a huge mess and he doesn’t recommend it again. HA! He was trying to avoid the bugs outside so he brought the party inside, but he had a lot of cleanup to do. So we will see if I decide to try this party out myself. I am so happy these two had a blast bonding while I was out and about.

This is a photo filled entry. I am creating one instead of two. I was making Jack’s sweet potatoes on Saturday night. He was in a momma mood and just wanted me to hold him, so I wore him. He wanted to grab everything while I was trying to finish preparing his food. I decided to let him lick the spatula.

mmm what a treat momma!

Like with cookies or cake batter but with sweet potatoes (they are his favorite food,s o in his world, they are like cookies or cake!) He actually got to use two different spatulas, since I didn’t want to use one all covered in spit. I ended up using 3 myself! Anything for my lil punkin (yes, I say it that way, so I am spelling it that way) 

mmmmm what a treat!

I found this a fun way to bond while cooking. He was so interested in it all. It is amazing how interactive he has become in the past 3 months or so. Every day I feel like he is a little bit more interactive. His personality shinning through more and more. I love it. He has a deep voice. He has since birth. He is going to have a very deep voice as a man one day. But it is so cute to hear him talking and chatting and even when he shouts. It has this deep raspy quality to it. I always clap and say “yay Jackson” when he does pretty much anything. He has started to want to grab my hands, make them clap, and then he “cheers” with this deep voice of his. Mimicking me. Oh My! I could sit there and do that with him over and over, I often do.

Being a mom is so fun. Any sleepless night is quickly forgotten with moments like the ones above. So here is to today, and what fun adventure we will encounter together!