Sunday I hit a huge milestone! I decided to try on some jeans from before I got knocked up. In particular my very favorite pair of jeans ever. They are Banana Republic jeans and they are a size 0. I GOT THEM ON AND BUTTONED! They went up right past my hips and buttoned easily. I still thought they were a little too snug on my butt and thighs. Nice and skin tight, so a bit inappropriate to wear out just yet. Skin tight just isn’t my style, so I felt uncomfortable wearing them out. But if I drop another pound or two those bad boys are gonna fit very nicely! I am so excited. I thought I would never get to wear those jeans again. I seriously believed they would never get past my post baby hips, but they did.I also squeezed into 3 other pairs of jeans. They all buttoned, but again I felt they were still just a bit too snug. I am almost there though.

Jackson will be 7 months this coming Sunday. So it feels amazing to know that my pre-preggo jeans are nearly wearable. I have been working so hard and I am so very close!

Most of my shirts from before having Jack man fit. It is just the pants that are the issue. Those pesky thighs and butt are the big problem. Yeah, I am cheesy with that big pun. Even my boobs have been under control lately. Other than early in the morning when he hasn’t eaten all night. I was measured for that bridesmaid dress the other day and my bust was 34 1/2! wooo hooo I was at 34 before getting pregnant. I only have 2-4lbs to drop, depending on the water bloat day. Being skinny again is so great. I am so happy.

We start swim in a week and I need a pair of bottoms. I am feeling confident in rocking my bikini more and more. The bottoms I  have are annoying because no matter how many times they are washed they leak the color pink. Staining my skin even! So I have to try and find something before next Wednesday! It is the end of the season so this should be fun!

So here’s to being dedicated and reaching goals!