I did make it to the mall yesterday. By myself. I got a few cute things. I encountered something interesting though. It has happened to me once before as well. When I went into The Limited I was approached by the employees, normal hi how are you, etc.  But both times I have stopped there recently I have been asked if I was shopping for work clothing. One time I was with Jackson during the middle of the day on a Thursday. I am a stay at home mom. So no I am not shopping for “work clothing” per say. In a way I guess you could say that every time I get dressed it is for work, but it is not a structured office environment.

I find it odd that they just assume that if you go there you are buying work clothing. Can’t I just enjoy wearing nice outfits on a daily basis?  Since I have been asked twice on two very different occasions, once with a baby once without, by two different employees, I am guessing they are instructed to ask this question by corporate. I have worked retail a good deal and I know that you are often instructed on how to greet and engage customers. They are just doing their job as told by their supervisor.

I am the kind of shopper who is very low maintenance. I don’t like someone hounding me or suggesting outfits to me. I can manage entirely by myself. If I need help I will seek someone out. I don’t want to waste their time and I rarely have a purpose when shopping, other than I want something new to wear. I know they are there to help, but I just don’t really need it normally.

I am guessing from this experience their marketing  direction is geared toward the working woman and the working mom. I think they should know that even us “stay at home moms” enjoy looking nice too. It is not all dirty unwashed hair, sweat pants, and makeup free days. That stereo type is really offensive to me! We also are capable of getting up, working out, showering, doing our hair and makeup, and getting dressed in a presentable manner every single day. I have been doing it since I was in the hospital after having him! So when you see someone come into your store it doesn’t always mean she is looking for an outfit for the office in the office park. Sometimes she is looking for an outfit to wear while playing with her adorable 7 month old. Because he is special too and looking beautiful and put together for him (your boss!) is very important.

I think the next time I go there and I am asked that I am going to say “Yes!  My ____month old boss is very strict about the dress code for our walks to the park. And if I don’t have on something nice for his plum, pear, and yogurt lunch meeting, well forget it, I get written up!”

So here is to being a stay at home mom and wearing nice outfits and getting ready each day! Even if it is just to walk to the park or make a batch of sweet potatoes for the cutest sweetest boss in the entire world!