I am planning on a run this morning. I was planning on one yesterday but it didn’t happen. Jason locked my keys in the Xterra. Our jogger was also in the Xterra. I was stranded for a good portion of the day. Thankfully at home.

I have decided to try a new running app. iMapMyRun+ It looks really neat. It was time for an upgrade. I was using this very basic and archaic app. Lately I have noticed significant differences in the mileage from the same exact route! I have had it and I want to track things a little more accurately. I am really excited to use this, so I hope we get to go for a run. The last time we ran, which was Friday, Jackson had a fit during the run. It turned into a walk. I also ended up having to hold him and push the stroller home. At least I was carrying about 18lbs of baby, right?

I have begun using my new DVD. I tried it yesterday, one of the workouts. I enjoyed it. It was challenging. I have not used all of the options yet so I am not going to write specifics. I will save that for a review. So far it is looking food. I am very happy with the amount of arm work.

I tried a new baby food recipe yesterday. I just put it all together for Jackson and it was a hit. It was 4 tablespoons of cantaloupe, 2 tablespoons of nectarine, about 1/2 of an avocado, and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. He absolutely loved it.

We went Sunday football snack shopping on Sunday before the  Bears game. I also picked up some fruit for Jackson and myself while we were there. I made salsa too. The cashier commented “you guys are a really healthy family!” What a nice compliment! We are certainly not perfect. Really only Jackson eats a perfect healthy diet. But I really try to make sure that Jason and I eat healthy 90% of the time. I try to cook each night and make healthy decisions. Sometimes hearing it from other people is just a nice sound.

I hear Jack man, time to go get my precious little man!