I am really trying to multi-task here! I am working on one of my lessons for class and I want to write a post. All before the most awesome baby in the world wakes up. If I finish this lesson I am caught up. Other than going over their supplementary materials. I will be caught up with all required reading and quizzes.

So why am I writing? Why am I not just finishing the last two short chapters? Because I had no time to write yesterday and I have some huge news!

I have officially lost all of the baby weight! It took me 10 months and 4 days to gain it. It took me 8 months and 6 days to lose it! 123.8 was the weigh in yesterday. I even weighed myself 3 times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. I wasn’t. It was the truth.

It was hard work. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t adhere to anything too strict either. No crazy diets. No militant food choices. No calorie counting. The only thing close to militant I can say helped is my dedication to physical fitness and activities. I move A LOT. A LOT. One day I should wear a pedometer and track every move I take during a normal active day. I eat relatively healthy. But Jason and I do know how to enjoy food when we want to. But I move and not just when I decide to eat like crap. I am always on the go. When the little man wakes up we will go for a run. We will probably walk to the park later, which is 1.5 miles away. That means we walk home too! I carry him around a lot, he is over 17lbs.

I know everyone is different. We all have different genes and body makeups. For me being active is what works best. Just move and try to be mindful of eating well as a lifestyle, not as a diet or crash weight loss plan. I think the most important part of a healthy lifestyle is being active. I am a firm believer in that. It is my motto anyway. It has to become part of your life for it to work. Just like brushing your teeth, showering, or eating is part of your life. Once it is, it seems odd to skip it. You feel off if you do.

I am glad I have reached this point. It was hard work. Stressful for me. I hated weighing what I weighed. There is still room for improvement. There are some areas I would like to tone up more. That will come with time. I also have noticed that my hips are just shaped differently. I have lost the weight but some pants do not fit the same because my shape has been altered and is ready for carrying babies. My mom said it is time for number 2. I have been going back and forth on that lately. Some days I want another baby. Some days I remember how hard those newborn days are and I want to run screaming from the thought of another one! I know some people love the newborn days and I don’t think I am one of them. I love these days! Give me a 5 or 6 month old and I would have 20 more! ha!

Now I can enjoy being me again. It doesn’t mean I will get lazy. Now comes maintenance, which for me is very easy compared to losing the weight. Reaching this goal won’t make me lazy, I can just be stressed about one less thing. That is a huge weight lifted in itself. Just not thinking about it constantly. Knowing I am home and where I am happ(y/ier). Time to focus on improving running times, my muscle mass, and get back to the flexibility I once had. Ah the changes we go through to birth a human being!

Well, at least it was all worth it! My love!

I believe I will be running a 5k in November. The Hot Chocolate one downtown. I need to get some milk pumped though because I won’t be dragging the boys to it.