My last couple of posts have been fitness related. But there has been a lot going on with Jack. I feel each day gets busier and busier because he is so very mobile. He has started talking a bit as well. Yesterday I got to hear him say “mama mama mama mama” all day. He is not just babbling when he says that word either. He says it loud and clear when he wants my attention or wants me to pick him up or any other need he has from me. Mama was actually his first clear word. Over the weekend I went to get him in the morning. As soon as he saw he me he began saying mama mama mama and reaching for me. I was over the moon and elated. I was not expecting it! He babbles baba, dada, gaga, etc as he goes about his business.And he seems to be starting to say dada in reference to Jason as well. Yesterday it really sounded like it when Jason held him.

He has begun to say “ball.” Playing with a ball is his favorite activity, so it is no surprise that ball would be one of his first words. He can throw and catch a ball. It is rather hilarious.

On Sunday he will turn 10 months. I again am dreading this approaching date. I remember early on how I was always so excited for him to turn the next month old. Now I wish it would slow down. His first year is nearly over! OVER! He is nearly a toddler. Jason refuses to call him an infant or baby anymore. He calls him a toddler already. His theory is that he sits up, crawls, pulls up, stands,

walks around his table or along the couch or entertainment center, and is talking. So in Jason’s book that means he is a big boy toddler. In my book he is still my little baby. I refuse to even entertain the idea that he is a toddler until after his first birthday.

I will say I enjoy this time with him. He is so fun and sweet. He loves to play and games are now a two way street. He is so interactive. I can roll the ball to him, he laughs, catches it, and throws or rolls it back. If I clap, he will clap too. I point at him, he will point back. It goes on and on the things he responds to. Sometimes I feel like a child again because I get to play with one all day. It is very fun. Sometimes it is hard work, but the fun times help you to move past any of the harder times.

He is understanding the lessons I am teaching him. He knows when I am trying to reprimand something he did. I don’t yell or anything, but I get a stern voice when telling him no about something and then I get a loving reassuring voice and I explain why I said no. He may not grasp this concept entirely but he knows the different tones and I believe he understands when I say no. I think the positive reinforcement after is so important. Yesterday our cat Lili walked past him and stopped in front of him. He reached out to pet her. I have been teaching him the word “gentle” for months, especially around the kitties. So from across the room I said “Gentle Jackson, gentle” He stopped, looked up at me, then looked back at her and gently ran his hand across her body. After he was done he looked up at me with this look of “did I do it right momma?” I then reassured him he did a great job by telling him so. He was so happy with himself he smiled and clapped. He knows what is going on! So smart. He wanted that positive reinforcement. And he acted accordingly. It just amazes me how much he is learning each day. I can get lost in his development sometimes. I am always in awe of him.

my big guy!

Children are so amazing and such a wonder. I am holding on to these last two months and so many days in his first year. I love each stage but I will no doubt miss the baby stage eventually. Although, if he continues to be as cuddly as he always has been with me I think that will help. Usually whenever he wakes up whether it is in the morning or after a nap he is very quiet and not ready to play (a trait he got from his dad) He wants to sit on my lap and snuggle and watch tv or read a book. He needs a good 15 minutes of this before he starts moving and reaching for the floor to play. I do not mind having to sit around with him and snuggle. I don’t care how much I have to do, I savor those moments of snuggle time each day.