I have my Shamrock Shuffle photos! I am so excited to share them.

Nearing the finish line

Almost there!

After I crossed the finish line, double checking my time

Just after I crossed the finish line! DONE

I have to say they got some really good ones. And for running an 8k and being at the end I don’t look all that awful! Like I had said in my original post about this race I couldn’t find my camera prior to heading downtown on Saturday night so we had to go without it. I didn’t actually think there would be photos captured of me. I mean there were nearly 40,000 runners that day! So 4 cool photos is not too shabby.

Jack is sick today. A cold the poor thing. He finally just went down for a nap. He usually goes down between 11-12. It is after 1. Last night he woke up 2 times, he never ever does that these days. My heart is aching for him. I want to make him feel better and the little I can do doesn’t seem to be helping. My grandparents and my great aunt were supposed to come visit today. That was canceled since he is so sick. I had told them they were still welcomed but they thought it was best for us to let him relax. It ended up being a good idea because he seems to feel crappier and crappier.

My poor munchkin face

Look at the poor face. I feel soooo awful for him. Oh the scratch on his nose isn’t from being sick. He fell down at the park yesterday. Poor thing! A nasty scratch on his runny, stuffy nose! And Momma keeps coming at him with Boogie Wipes to wipe the snot away.

When Jason gets home I think I will go for a run, hopefully 6 miles. I think I will need it to clear my head and prepare for tomorrow if he is still sick then. Today has already been long, and it is only 1 pm.