Over the weekend I battled something nasty. My first ever bout with food poisoning. I went out to dinner Friday night to celebrate my future sister in law’s graduation from college. I enjoyed a few fish dishes. Seared Ahi Tuna as an appetizer and a grilled Cobia curry dish for my main meal. Carrot cake for dessert.

I am going to guess it was the Tuna. Who knows though. The very thought of sushi/sashimi, fish, or carrot cake makes me ill.

I went to bed shortly after 12. Happy as a clam. Did some reading until my eyes got heavy. I had my tea. Was looking forward to the next day. We were maybe going to get some wakeboarding in. I had barre in the morning. AND we had a date night planned.

I woke up shortly before 2 am with the most awful pain in my stomach. I had never felt that before. I was really confused. I am not a puker. I didn’t throw up once when preggo. As as matter of fact, until Saturday morning, I hadn’t thrown up since 2005. That was from too much champagne. I had been exposed to stomach viruses since then. Both of my boys have had a couple. But I managed to stay immune.

Then right around 2am on the dot all hell broke loose. I threw up. And it was a lot. I even woke up Jason. He came into the bathroom to check on me. He is a heavy sleeper and not one to jump out of bed (I have learned this through being parents together. haha I tend to hear Jack well before him) I didn’t even know how to throw up, if that makes sense. It had been so long I thought I was going to choke on it and die right there! I was thankful when Jason walked into the bathroom. I knew at least if I choked he could save me.

I won’t get into all the details because well that is unnecessary. We all know what food poisoning does to a person. I basically didn’t feel well again until yesterday. And I was still really tired yesterday.

I hadn’t worked out since Friday morning! That is insane for me. Yesterday I did some pilates in the late afternoon. I just wanted to do something. Not too vigorous but I knew I would feel better. Tonight I have barre. Tomorrow I MAY try to go for a run. But we will see how I am feeling. So far today I feel great.

We had an appointment for Jack’s 1st haircut on Sunday. I sucked it up and still took him. I had already rescheduled once and I figured we just needed to go. He did so awesome! He didn’t cry or scream or make her stop! We were so proud of our big boy. He looks like a little man.

buzz buzz

does it look good? tell me it looks good!

my little angel!

He looks SO much older with this haircut. I was hesitant to do it. But Jason really really wanted to get it cut. It was driving him nuts. It was kind of long in the back. When she asked us what we wanted I even let go of the reigns and said this is your show, go ahead and tell her. I thought he was going to look like a baby after the trim, since his hair was gone. NOPE I was way off. He looks so much more grown up with his clean cut. Sigh but then again he is growing up. Pushing 16 months and bright as ever. He is barely a baby anymore. He is definitely a toddler. But will always be my little baby.