This Thursday will mark THREE weeks since the last time I went for a run. No joke. The day before my food poisoning or whatever it was that happened to me is the last time I ran. I have since been dealing with a sensitive stomach. As recently as last night it bothered me.

In all honesty I have been terrified to go for a run. That 3.2 miles tends to stimulate my digestion. I am absolutely afraid to get a stomach ache while running. I am half mad at myself, half enjoying the break. It is a weird feeling that I am not quite sure how to deal with. I want to run but then the very thought scares me too much. Is this weird?

I have been working out still. I have been using my elliptical a lot, barre class, strength training and toning at home with videos and magazines. I have also been better about giving myself rest days. My husband wants me to go back to the doctor but I don’t know. They said if this was still happening after 2 weeks to return. It is 2 weeks since I visited the DR this Wednesday. I haven’t thrown up in almost 2 weeks but I do get stomach pains and aches on and off. It depends on the day.

I have nearly eliminated dairy. I KNOW I am lactose intolerant. Yesterday I had no dairy, but towards the end of the night I felt ill again. I feel stupid going in and saying “I have a tummy ache. No I am not throwing up. It just hurrrrrrrts! waaaaaaa” I feel so dumb doing that.My husband insists that isn’t dumb but I don’t know. I don’t like being a bother that way.

I am half wondering if it is an ulcer. I read about it online, but I mean you go look up symptoms online and suddenly you have a rare disease that you are sure there is no cure for. You know how it is. Sometimes the interweb is horrible solely for that reason!

My hubby is gone for the week as of tonight. So I will likely put off any DR trips until after he returns. I am kind of hoping it all just stops after Wednesday. Right? Sigh. I have a Mud Run on June 30th so I need to get a few runs in before then……

Maybe I need to just stop being a baby, suck it up, and go running!