I am SORE. From head to thighs. I would say head to toe but nothing below just above my knees hurts. That is a positive, right?

Sunday we had my family over for Father’s Day. We went wake boarding. I went first to show everyone how it goes. Then both my brothers, my sister in law, and my brother’s friend tried. After that we started some tubing. My first time on the tube that day and I got whipped off pretty bad. I flipped in the air, a somersault of sorts. I landed on the water on the back of my neck! I felt it. I went under for longer than normal. My force must have pulled me down farther. I had my life jacket on but I took in a bunch of water and panicked for a slight second, thinking this is what it feels like to drown. I then collected myself and thought I just have to pop above the water and I will figure it out from there. I will be able to breathe then. Obviously I am fine. I am hurting though. I was done with water activities for the day. I didn’t have any rough wipe outs from the wake board, just stupid tubing. I have been tubing my entire life! Go figure.

I can move and function. I can pick up my toddler. So that is all that matters.

Our weekend before Sunday was pretty fun. We went “away” for our anniversary. By away I mean our condo in downtown Chicago. My mom watched Jackson for the weekend. We were kid and fancy free. I missed him like crazy but it was nice to feel like we were dating again!

Friday night

We went to dinner and then to see Aziz Ansari. He is hilarious. I highly recommend seeing him live. I literally laughed the entire show.

At the Museum

Saturday during the day we went to one of our old favorite pubs for lunch. Then headed down the street to the Art Institute. It was a lovely day. Then we headed home and I took a nap before we got ready for our big dinner at Les Nomades.

I was very excited about this dress. It is just gorgeous

So we celebrated 4 years of marriage (nearly 7 years together!!!) We went to Les Nomades as I mentioned. We haven’t been there before. It is a top restaurant in Chicago. Jason spent a lot of time reading the reviews. The summation of them was “phenomenal food, awkward service” We couldn’t agree more. We could hear the waitstaff talking negatively about us. We sat down and as soon as we did we were inundated with questions about what wine we wanted. No wine list in front of us. I said I wanted water to start and Jason agreed. We were in no rush, we just sat down, we wanted to take our time. A few minutes later I heard one man say to another, “no that table just wanted water” As if we asked for mud in a glass. We ended up doing wine pairings with our courses. The waiter even commented to me at one point that I wasn’t drinking my wine fast enough! I had some collected because they brought one with each course. DO YOU SEE ME!!! I am not a big girl. I am NOT a drinker. I cannot keep up with my husband who is a foot taller than me. I am paying for the wine, what is it to you that I don’t chug it down??? I told him I am not a big drinker and I certainly cannot keep up with my husband. I should not have to explain myself to this man. Like I said, we are paying for this meal, what does it matter to this guy?

Incidents like this went on the entire time. The food was amazing. The chocolate souffle was to die for. I am not really complaining. This is just what occurred. Facts. We won’t go back there. We prefer Tru. Service was not awkward, very modern feel, phenomenal food. We had a lovely time over all but it is not a returnable dining option. As a matter of fact we had many great laughs over how obnoxious everything was with our families the next day! We told our stories over and over. We got a stand up routine out of the experience! It is nice to try things once!

It was a great anniversary. We had a lovely time. Last year we didn’t do anything because Jack was so little and I was exhausted. It felt nice to spend time as a couple and spoil one another. Maybe next year we can take a little vacation alone together.