I made a rather tasty and healthy dessert yesterday. Jack was calling it cake cake cake after he had one! There was not an ounce of added sugar in it.If he calls something CAKE that means he thinks it is a deliciously sweet dessert.

My son has his priorities.






I made Frozen Stuffed Banana Sandwiches!

The full recipe can be found at the link above the photo. But I only sort of followed it.

Essentially I just cut up two bananas and a few strawberries, sliced them.

Then I smeared a little all natural (nothing added whatsoever) peanut butter on the bottom banana. I use Krema peanut butter. Jack and I are huge fans of that peanut butter.

Then I placed a sliced strawberry on the peanut butter. I topped it with another banana slice. Then I poked a toothpick through.

On half of them I rolled them in plain Fage Greek yogurt.

I won’t add the Greek yogurt again. I didn’t try one of those but Jack had a plain one first and loved it. Squealing cake over and over. I ate the plain ones too. When he had one with the yogurt he wasn’t as into it. So plain for us it is!

HOW SIMPLE IS THIS DESSERT/SNACK?!?!?! It took me less than 10 minutes to make. Maybe around 5 minutes. And now that I know how simple it is I bet I can whip it up in under 5!

Jack had a hard time with the toothpick. I think I may use a larger stick for them next time for him. With a blunt edge and a little longer of a handle. He is only 16 1/2 months. But he did well. I was just worried about the sharp part poking him.

It is a great healthy summer snack. I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as ours does!