After over a month long break I finally went for a run yesterday! Before yesterday the last day I ran was May 16th! That is so crazy. But sometimes a break is a good thing. I had written before that I was still keeping up with all other workouts but I just needed some time off from the training I had been putting myself through.

I ran 3.3 miles in 28:59. That is seriously not even close to my best time but for taking off close to a month and a half that isn’t half bad. Mostly I wanted to get at least one run in before next Saturday. I am running the Dirty Girl Mud Run. I know it is an obstacle course so the running won’t be the biggest part but I just needed to do it.

I also learned that I definitely need new running shoes. My right one was bothering me. Rubbing. I think a few more runs and a blister would develop in that spot. So it is the perfect time to trash them in some mud and get new ones. Our team is wearing tutus. So expect some hilarious photos next week.

I woke up wanting to go running again. It is a sneaky drug that running. You fall off the wagon one Saturday morning and suddenly it is all you can think about. You relive that high over and over. Thinking over every moment. But I am not letting myself run today. I am a little sore. On top of running those 3.3 miles, my best and dear friend Jen came over yesterday. She is 37 weeks pregnant with my precious nephew. The “4” of us went on a walk around the lake, which is my running route. So tack on another 3.3 miles. More actually because we took a detour at a Farmer’s Market. Then after naptime Jack and I ran around to two stores. So I am just kind of still exhausted from all of my activity yesterday. I am thinking it would be a good day to try out my new Barre video instead. I haven’t even taken the plastic off of it yet this week. I have just been busy with other workouts. So I think I may squeeze that in. Tomorrow will be my rest day. Tuesday my actual Barre class and the rest of the week I will see where each morning takes my fitness mood.

It did feel good to do what I love to do. I just have to remind myself to rest muscles. I am awful with that. I push myself until I just cannot go anymore. My last run on the 16th I remember feeling like my legs didn’t want to move. They just didn’t have the strength. I wasn’t taking rest days. Just running running barre running running repeat. I have to be better about taking breaks. That is my newest goal. So today I shall check out this video (I hope I hear Jack crying and this is way early for him to be up. Oh joy!) Off to be a mom now and figure out his problem.