I just wanted to share a new adventure I am taking on. I briefly alluded to some digestive issues in previous posts. I have decided to throw some of energies into a new blog dealing with it. I have to eat differently now. Low FODMAP. It has been a transition. I have started to save, develop, and share recipes on my new blog.

I decided to make an entirely new one just for ease of navigation. I write about so many other things here. I just wanted a clear concise area for people who have to follow Low FODMAP.

I will definitely still continue to write here about my life in general.

Check out my blog  Low FODMAP Life

I am very excited about it. I had to do something positive with this. I was kind of in a bad place when first receiving the news. I pouted and felt sorry for myself for a couple weeks. I can’t wallow. I had to find some outlet to deal with this. I think sharing my recipes and getting the word out there is the best way to do that. I had a hard time finding blogs and sites from the States. This diet has been studied mostly in the UK and Australia. As my doctor let me know it has been very recently introduced in the States.

Today I am going to work on a quinoa recipe for lunch. I have been thinking about my ingredients since waking up!