I am taking the plunge. In two days I begin a teacher training program to become a Pilates instructor. I am so excited!!!

This isn’t something I have entered lightly, on a whim, or just because. No, I have thought about this on and off for a couple years. I have looked into different places, different options, yoga or personal trainer, etc. I have always loved Pilates. I have been dabbling in it since high school. Not teaching, of course, but taking different classes or buy dvds to do at home. It has always been a favorite and often my go-to toning method.

I do have a degree in History. But I haven’t done one thing with it since graduating. I did get pregnant shortly after graduation. Maybe one day I will use that but for now what I am looking is for is more part time. I have taught before. Sunday school and scrapbooking/cardmaking classes. I enjoyed those. I think that I will really shine teaching Pilates. I truly love Pilates, fitness, and helping educate other people on working out. I love to share my tips here, on facebook, and pinterest.

The program goes through mid-January. My classes will be Thursday nights and Saturday late morning-afternoon. Two days a week is no bad. The classes are long 3 1/2-4 hours each. I have taken courses like that before. When I think about it I took them a lot while working to obtain my BA. I have a feeling I am going to find these classes a little more enjoyable than some of those required core classes I had to take.

On and off I have feelings of guilt going back to school and then teaching part time come next year. I am hoping that this ends up being the right decision for Jack. I think when you’re a mom this feeling is inescapable. I am not looking to work full time next year. Just a couple classes a week.

I have even posted a job on sitter city so we can find a sitter for when family members are unavailable. I was very uneasy about that but I don’t have to hire anyone just because I posted it. I can see the responses I receive and go from there. I have received 4 already and only thought 1 was kind of a fit….kind of…

I am just hoping it goes well. Jack and I are very close. He is very attached to me and well I am equally as attached to him. He is my world. I love being with him and I miss him when he sleeps. Seriously. Some mornings I am sitting around wishing he would wake up because I miss his squishy cheeks. I really won’t be gone all that much. I keep telling myself that.

I swear I am excited about doing this! But as a momma, taking time away from the home always comes with guilt. I am doing this because I want to and because I should do something for myself. I am not doing this because I have to at this point. Which, I need to remind myself of to. I WANT to do this! Down the road he will go to school and then where will I be? Really missing him! Have to keep my hands busy.

So here is to my new adventure that begins in two days. Here is to expanding the world’s knowledge of fitness one class at a time!

We went to a wedding this past weekend. My little boy is growing so fast and becoming quite the little gentleman. Enjoy the photos below…


He loves to give me kissies!

Dancing the last dance together


I would also like to take a moment to reflect on how it is has been 11 years since September 11th. I can still remember exactly where I was. I am sure most people can. I was in 2nd period Chemistry class. We happened to be in the computer lab that day working on some research or something. I don’t remember exactly what the assignment was. That kind of got pushed to the back burner as we searched news sites for up to date information. It was a scary day. I was a Junior. I remember how quiet it was that evening. See I grew up down the street from O’Hare International Airport, one of the busiest in the world. It is literally 5 minutes from my childhood home. It was eerily silent. I remember the immense sadness I felt. I still to this day cry at nearly every story I hear or every show I watch about things that happened. It really shaped a lot of my world views. If I think I can see how many worldly views tie back to what I went through as a high school student experiencing 9/11. Being someone who has a degree in History I know as time continues we are going to push this tragedy to the recesses of our minds. Think about Pearl Harbor. It happened so far before most people’s time that we don’t quite set aside reverence for it the way we still do for 9/11. I found that this year I didn’t realize it was approaching until late yesterday evening when I saw a news preview for the nightly news. I felt really bad. I have normally been well aware of the approaching date. I feel myself slipping already. I feel terribly guilty for that. I have been so consumed with Jackson that it slipped my mind. I guess I have to live in the now and my child should come before thinking about the anniversary of this, but I still felt bad. At least I don’t have to explain it to Jack this year.

Off to get ready to take Jack to music class. On that sad and reflective note….sorry to bring down the excitement of my post but I felt I had to mention and recognize this day in some manner.