I am a couple weeks into Pilates teacher training. I am loving every second of it. Pilates is tough. It makes you strong and tough. It changes your body in incredible ways. I truly love learning all about it. We are almost done with mat training. This week I have a homework assignment. I have to come up with 5 exercises for each of my classmates. The exercises must fit their needs as a client. I have to be mindful of current and past injuries and any specific areas that need targeting. For example, my classmates have to focus on opening my hips. Since I run I have tight hip flexors and I tend to be locked short in that area. I know for a fact this is all true and I am looking forward to having them help open me up on Thursday.

I cannot wait to be able to help people. It is so neat. I want everyone to love Pilates like I do. I want everyone to learn that it really gives you definition and strength you did not have before. It helps you in other areas of your life. Your posture improves, your focus improves, your mind clears, you learn how to breathe. To actually breathe. Sure we think we breathe all day long, but do you really? Think about it. It just happens. But do you stop to take in several helpful and deep breaths? To cleanse your soul. To give yourself an internal shower, as Joseph explained about The Hundred. If you do the proper breathing and position when doing The Hundred you will warm up inside, a warm shower. You warm up from the inside out. Once you do it properly you will immediate understand the feeling.

I really do love what I am learning. I am happy that I have decided to take this journey at this point in my life. I am so busy right now, sure. SO busy.But it is worth it. I am getting to train to do something I love. Then I will make a living doing what I love. How amazing is that?!?! But I am busy….

Yesterday I:

  • Went to a Reformer class at 8:30am. I participated for self integration hours
  • Came home, showered, ate, spent a little time with Jack, got ready.
  • I left early so I could run to two stores to find Jack a jacket since it got incredibly cold. (We have matching Northfaces now hehe, his is blue and mine is pink but they are the same style)
  • Then I flew over to the studio with a few minutes to spare. Teacher training started at 11:30. I got there at about 11:25.
  • We had class until a little after 3
  • I ran to Fresh Market to get steaks, shrimp, potatoes, etc
  • Came home my in laws were over. Jason and I prepared the food.
  • Then we all visited until after 10pm! Jason and I even ran to Target in there.
  • Jack didn’t get to bed until closer to 11pm.

That was just my Saturday. I was definitely energized in the morning after Reformer. I am certain that is why I was able to get everything I wanted to get done before class. It doesn’t wipe me out quite like running does. Especially now since I can’t eat wheat. Running is much more difficult. (I say this but I am going for a run in a little bit) I don’t run like I used to. I haven’t ran in over a week actually. This week I was Pilates obsessed with one elliptical workout thrown in there. I haven’t taken a break from working out since Monday. I think I will take tomorrow off too.

If you are looking for a way to energize yourself, tone your body, or LEARN about your body, you should start taking a Pilates class. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses so quickly. You will know what areas you need to improve. Especially if you work with a Pilates instructor instead of a video. I have been doing Pilates videos for years and years but until I started training I didn’t realize the small position issues I had. Learning how to self correct has come easy. I still grab strength from my shoulders but now I realize this quickly. I am able to adjust and move properly. I have been very aware of my body for many years but this training is bringing body awareness to a whole other level. Even when I am driving in the car I correct my posture and I engage my core.

If all the energy and body awareness still hasn’t convinced you to hop on the Pilates train maybe this will.

19 1/2 months after having Jack!

This doesn’t come from thousands of crunches. I don’t even really DO crunches often. IF I do them I am on a stability ball, in order to help elongate my body and keep my belly from popping up or compacting too much. Ignore that I don’t have a face in this, I had zero makeup on and I was about to go for my early morning run. I looked not so awesome in the face. HA!

Have you tried Pilates? What form have you done? Mat, Reformer, Cadillac? Have you done videos, worked with an instructor in a class, or a private session? If you haven’t tried it, why not? Are there any questions you have about Pilates?