We have been going to Gymboree since Jack was 7 weeks old. Tomorrow he will be 20 months old (yikes!). Recently they dropped his level 4 play class we attended. They have a few other times  but they don’t work with his schedule. They are all too early and we live 20-30 minutes away, depending on traffic. We used to go to an 11:15 class on Wednesdays and sometimes we would be a few minutes late. Jack sleeps very late in the morning. He is a night owl but sleeps until about 10am. Sometimes later. So they dropped that class because there wasn’t enough enrollment. This happened a month or so ago. Currently we are just in their music class, Tuesdays at 11:15.

He does not like music class like he likes other classes. He participates in some things but a lot of the time he walks across the room and stands by the glass door, wanting to leave. If it is scarf time, forget it, he wants nothing to do with me or the scarf. A few times he has gotten annoyed and throws the toys/instruments. Ok so if you know Jack he is not usually like that. Truly. I mean, sure he has his moments but overall he is a great fun loving kid. At home he dances and acts silly. But in this structured class, he doesn’t want to do much. He likes the time they get to explore the instrument box. That is the only time he sits entirely by me/in the right spot. Most of the other kids stay in/near the circle we sit in. Jack is not one of those kids. Yesterday we had to go sit in the main front desk area for a minute or two. He started throwing things, for no reason! We chilled out for a bit and I noticed they were starting bubble time so I was able to get him back in. After instrument box time we sing good bye. He went to the door and started whining to leave. He didn’t want to come back by me. He wanted to go.

When we arrived initially he tried to go to the play area, not the music room. He likes the play class, where he can climb on things. I just don’t think he enjoys music. What I described above was not an isolated incident. That is usually how music class always goes. I do not know why. He LOVES music. We are always listening to music and dancing at home. He has instruments he plays with. But something about this class makes him act differently. It is always stressful for me. I can’t remember the last time it went totally smooth.

I am debating if we should stay in class or not. I am so torn. I feel like he won’t get the same socialization if we drop it. We are still in swim class. We don’t know a lot of people in the area and so our play dates are few and far between. But he doesn’t like the music class. If I ask him if he wants to go to swim/pool he gets excited and says swim and pool over and over. Yesterday when I asked if he wanted to go to music class he said “park”. sigh…..And he doesn’t even really interact with the other kids anyway. All the kids in his class are girls right now as well.

I have been looking into things to do closer to home. I have a couple things. Two are free, nice! One is another play place called Treehouse. But they are not structured classes. Maybe that is better for him? We also have a Children’s museum membership.

I also feel like I would be losing something if I leave Gymboree. I think I have gotten attached to the teachers there. I feel like I would be leaving a part of his babyhood behind if I go. We have been there since he was under TWO months old! His whole life! I feel like it is a part of us.

I just don’t know what to do. I am usually not this way. I am not usually totally confused about parenthood. I have moments, sure, but not this big. I have a lot of confidence when it comes to parenting. As my previous post explained, I have been gearing up for it my entire life. It was what I was made to do, be a mom. I am usually able to adapt and get through a tough moment. But I am struggling with this one. I cannot make up my mind.

It isn’t that he is totally unruly either. He does get bored or frustrated after a bit and that is when the toy throwing starts. Sometimes he doesn’t like the current activity and wants the last one. Which also makes him mad. Yesterday he wanted the little butterfly finger puppets back. They do cycle through the instruments/activities quickly. He is 2 months below moving up to the next level. So I don’t think I should move him up out of boredom.

Is it wrong to force your kid to stay in an activity they are uninterested in? Should I take Jack out of the class and pursue other activity options?  Is he just being a booger? Or does he genuinely not like the class? I tend to think he doesn’t like the class because I always feel like saying “This is not how he normally is! I don’t know why he is being this way!!!” Have you encountered something like this before? How did you handle it? I may be opening a can of worms here but I have been witnessing this for a couple months and I just feel like sometimes this class is pointless but I don’t really want to leave Gymboree!