This is where I was 20 months ago yesterday.

my little Jack

Then I was here….

Still in the hospital. We both look like crap, not Jack though, he looks perfect.

Then 9 days went by and I was here

Family/newborn photoshoot

And here

Yes, there was a lot of crying

And here

Sweet boy

And here again but happier

Well happier-ish, he looks like he thinks he just wants some clothing on again

And here


So that is where I was some 20 months ago. I know he is not 2 yet, we still have four months!!! But for some unknown reason 20 months feels big to me. Maybe it is just the number, counting by 10’s? I am not sure but I feel like this is a big deal. That we are so close to him being 2. I am not sad about this milestone. I am enjoying it. I look back at those photos and he looks so sweet and tiny. But he IS so sweet and loving today. I am getting sleep (I was getting no sleep then, that is not an exaggeration either) He cries now but he cried a lot more then. That peaceful photo wasn’t really how things were all of the time. There was a lot of crying and very little sleeping. I have to say that I love toddlerhood. Sure tantrums are not fun but the rest is a blast. I have more fun than frustration, usually.

I am enjoying the laughing, playing, silliness, conversations (yes this little dude talks up a storm), and random hugs and kisses. I just can’t get enough of his wonder and exploration. I truly believe I enjoy this stage more than I did newborn Jack. I loved him immediately but I was exhausted constantly. If I get an inkling to have a 2nd all I have to do is think about to how little sleep I got and it quickly vanishes.


This is where I was yesterday, 20 months after giving birth to this wonderful boy….

Like seriously mom? Taking photos while I clearly need help managing all my THINGS!

And here

I am going to get you and that phone

And here….

You can’t catch me!

And here

I steal your glasses (and say glass) because they are sweet aviators (good thing they only cost 10 dollars at Kohls!)

And finally here


I just can’t get enough of these toddler moments. I am so happy to have helped him grow into this energetic, curious, brave, silly, funny, and loving child. I love that I can foster his love for cars, can you tell that he has a love for them? I am not sure how much I can gush. But it is all so amazing.

I thought I would be more sad that is he trucking on into 2 years old. But I am not. I am happy and I am enjoying it! Sometimes I think in the morning before he wakes up “I wonder what new skill he will have today? Or maybe a new word or a new phrase?” I look forward to that. You know when I carry him and if I trip a little (I am super clumsy) He calls me out on it. He says “fall down?” Or if he sees you trip or fall or if he falls. How keen!

I know he will be 2 the next time I blink. His birthday falls after all the Holiday craziness calms down. AND I am in school. The end of my course is the end of January, about a week before his 2nd birthday. Then I will also be focusing like crazy on my student teaching hours. The next 4 months are going to fly by. And I am excited for them. I am excited to see how much he will be doing in 4 months. Because me wondering what new thing he will be doing each morning is no stretch. It is literally like that these days. Each day there is a new skill or word or sentence. How amazing that I turned that little burrito in that first photo into the child I photographed yesterday. Even more amazing is that 2 years ago he was just half grown in my belly. And 2 years before that he was an egg hanging out in my ovaries. How incredible a journey this has been! I wouldn’t change a thing!

Ok I lie, maybe I would have gotten more sleep in those newborn days 😉


What do you love about toddlerhood? What do you think of every morning before your kid(s) rise and shine. Do you wonder what new adventure the day will bring? What stage have you enjoyed the most? Do you love watching them grow each day and do you look forward to what is coming next? What odd months/ages have you felt were a milestone?