I decided to step back from only posting about my little dude. I have been doing Pilates pretty much 6-7 days a week. Even if I squeeze in some cardio first, I always end my workout with some Pilates moves. It is super important that I practice as much as I can while preparing to be a teacher. I go to a Reformer 1-2 times a week. This week it was only once. But Mat work every other day.

Yesterday morning I decided I would take some photographs of positions. I recently bought a tripod for a family photo session with my cousins. It occurred to me that I keep mentioning I have running photos but no Pilates photos. So I set it up and took some. Cheesy or not, here they are.

A couple of things:

I couldn’t get my camera to take more that one photo on the timer. So most of these positions have just one part of a sequence.

Some I was just practicing on my own to see how the camera would capture things. At one point I switched to doing a Mat class on Pilates Anytime. It was a 50 minute class. A really great one at that!

My cats don’t know how to not bother me when I am doing, well, anything, so sorry that they popped in the photos at times. I don’t exactly have a studio to do this in….yet! When we move in the spring I hope to have an area devoted to my fitness things. I know Jason agrees, and even Jack likes to “workout” He tries to copy things that we do when we workout! We are probably that annoying fit family that people make faces at. Oh well, we all love it!


Rolling like a ball


Double leg stretch

Rollover, one of my favorites!

Double leg kick


Leg pull up

Side bend

Side bend twist

I am really glad I took these. It was neat for me to see my own positions and form. Ideally I would have a photo for each step of the move but I think I would need my hubby to help out. He was still asleep when I did this. I had a few positions that I feel I need to tweak a bit. I learned a lot doing this. I also learned where some of my strong points are. It was neat to look through all the photos and see exactly how I do things. I have a lot more than this but these were some of my favorites. I have others that turned out well too but I decided to limit it to these. I may do this more often as I train so I can critique myself and really become the best Pilates instructor I can be!