This week I did something unheard of in my world. Truly unheard of. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I kind of feel guilty, but I also kind of feel good.

I usually don’t do this, ever. I can’t really recall the last time I did this without being terribly sick.

I took two days in a row off of working out. Tuesday and Wednesday. After I write this I will go get my workout on for today. But back to Tuesday and Wednesday. I am not injured, other than the general soreness I always have. I am not sick. I haven’t even had another bad asthma attack. Why did I do this? Frankly, I am just exhausted. Everything in me is exhausted. I have been pushing myself really hard. Not just in the workout world either. Between being a stay at home mom, taking care of the house, Jackson (who is a very large toddler. He wears 3T shirts and 2T pants and he is 20 months old), being active with my child (think swim lessons, gymnastics, museum trips, shopping trips, etc. We DO a lot each week), being in school for Pilates, my extra outside of class Pilates classes, a hubby, my regular workouts, and all the family things I have going on each week. I was feeling drained.Everything has been getting done lately. Crafts, clean house, spotless every day when I go to bed, studying, toddler things, workouts and more workouts, even recreational reading. I was starting to feel like I was running on E. Not mentally, just physically.

I only intended to take Tuesday off. Then yesterday I just felt exhausted still. I usually go to Reformer at night. I still was pooped around 4pm, two hours before class so I decided to skip it.

You know what, I feel really energized today. I think I needed this time off this week. I really do. Now, I don’t sit around idle very much. I still did a lot. Cleaning, shopping, carrying around my 30lb toddler. He is like a solid brick. He likes to be carried a lot. My biceps are not from weight lifting, they are from carrying him and all our bags of things. We went to his gymnastics class, where I only sit still for 3 minutes, literally, during independent play time. We went to two stores yesterday. I vacuum a lot. Sometimes I feel like I follow him around with the vacuum! He is a messy little boy and I let him be that way. He is exploring, but I do have to clean it up because it drives me nuts if it sits there! Going up and down my huge staircase, carrying him, that is tough, it goes on and on. I still moved but I didn’t do that extra set workout.

I think it is what I needed. More than 1 day. I don’t know how often I will do this break. Probably not often. It will probably take total physical exhaustion again. I didn’t want to injure myself. I have a new acquaintance through Pilates who did that. Over-training and has several injuries she is working through. She gave me wise advice last Saturday about taking a break. I think we are very similar in our workout addiction. I know I am a tad addicted to the endorphins that come with a workout. I can admit that. The very fact that I am writing about what a big deal it is that I took two days off in a row is proof enough. I am not ashamed of this fact at all. I would rather be a workout addict than an addict to any vices in this world. No joke.

I am still working out what to do this morning. Probably some cardio on the elliptical and then some mat work. I have class tonight. We are done with mat and have moved to Reformer training. So I will be on there tonight too. But what better way to jump back into my workout than going balls to the wall: cardio/mat in the morning and Reformer at night!! woo woo!! HA!