I recently got some new toys! No, not just my fabulous new ankle boots. Ha! But some new Pilates toys. I was so anxious for them to arrive. They came Friday. I was able to briefly play with a few of them yesterday morning before class. I am not sure if I will do mat work today. We were on the Reformer for 3 hours yesterday! I was also out at the casino until after 1am last night. We went out with some great friends. None of us won even a dollar! It was a sad exit. But on to my new stuff.

I shopped at Balanced Body. That is the equipment we use at the studio I am training at. I figured I may as well work with things I am familiar with. I would like to buy my own Reformer, but I think Jason would have had something to say about that purchase! One day, after we move though, I will have one! I used to want a treadmill, but that is long gone, now my eyes are set on Pilates equipment.

From all the running I used to do I have rather right hip flexors. During mat training I learned that sitting on a cushion helps with positions like The Saw, Spine Stretch Forward, Spinal Twist, etc. I do those best with slight modification. If you need a perfect unmodified Rollover, Jackknife, or Boomerang I am your gal 😉 The large oval cushion pictured below is the one I purchased for this.

I also have a problem with my bones rubbing too much. Particularly in side-lying work and when I do things on my stomach. My pubic bone was recently sore. That really prompted me to order a baloney pad. That is the thin rectangular pad.

All my loot!

I love creating variations with the balls. It can really change up the move enough to make it seem entirely different. We do have to learn the variations as well so I want to start bringing that into my studying. Balls can also be used as modification. If someone has a hard time staying in table top, keeping knees or ankles together, etc balls can be used to help assist. I even did a little ab working using both yesterday. The larger ball is the TOGU Ball and the smaller ball is the Franklin Air Ball.

My next step is to find some videos on Pilates Anytime that incorporate these and start practicing. That way I can teach using them. Keeping your class fresh is so important! I love that site, by the way! It is great. It does cost money to join, but I don’t go to the gym. It is 18.00/month, which is less than any gym membership I have come across. I do a lot of the mat routines, plus I can watch any of the other videos, reformer etc to study and learn. I fully recommend it if you are looking for something to be able to do at home that is affordable.

I have a passion for clothing. I truly do . So naturally I ended up browsing that section of the store too.

This t-shirt is so comfy AND I have received compliments about it. This is the front, back was pictured in the group shot

cute cute cute. Also, I am always cold, so another comfy long sleeve top is nice

My favorite is the t-shirt. I wore it to school yesterday. It was a hit. Super comfy to workout in too. The hoodie is cute but maybe baby blue isn’t my hue. But it is good for keeping me warm around the house!

Tuesday a couple of us are getting together to work on Mat practice. I am going to bring all of my supplies, since we are meeting at the home of one of my classmates. It should be fun to experiment with the variations and modifications.

I have a few other things I want to order. A new mat and probably a neck pillow. My mom injured her neck this summer and I want to get the neck pillow to help modify her comfortably!

That was my Friday excitement. Jack has already taken it upon himself to use the balls as toys. I had to search for them when I got home from class yesterday. They were both in his room! Oh the joys of having a boy!!! (P.S. I wouldn’t change a thing!)