Yesterday was such a great day. I ended up taking a fitness day off. I was a little hungover I think. Ok I had TWO and a half drinks spread out from 7:30-1:30am. So normal people wouldn’t have been hungover, but I was. I just was exhausted and dehydrated no matter how much water I drank. I did feel better after my big rice bowl lunch. But regardless, we kept busy on Sunday.

We went to visit my grandparents for my grandpa’s birthday. It was a nice family Sunday. Jackson was a riot. In a GREAT mood and was hamming it up for everyone. He even danced. His dance moves are legendary. People love to watch him dance. It is requested when we go places. I am not exaggerating either. I have posted a couple videos of him dancing on Facebook and since then people love to see it in person. He is so funny and has awesome rhythm. Which he does not get from either me or his dad.

flips with Auntie Melissa

Upside down with Uncle Dan. Notice his pants are falling off!! It was hilarious!

The weather was also perfect. Where was it last Sunday at the Buddy Walk??? But we had a lovely visit. I made them a 30 page photo book. We didn’t see my grandma for her birthday in September. So I made them a gift to share. They are always wanting more photos of Jack, and what is better than a 30 page photobook for that? That is more than 30 photos because many had 2-4 photos on them.I started with photos from April. I then put them all in exact chronological order and I captioned all the photos or events. They got to see a bunch of our fun activities and life from spring to early fall! I ended with our Pumpkin Farm trip.

My brother Matt told me I was getting lazy. I made it on I am big scrapbooker. He said this is lazy scrapbooking! HA! It made me laugh, but after making this I can see the appeal of digital scrapping. I DID finish a real page last night after we got home. So I feel a little better.

The book was a hit! I am so happy I could give that to them. We even got some photos with them.

Jack and me with my grandma. Jack’s great-grandma!

Jack and me with my grandpa, Jack’s great-grandpa!

My grandparents have a basement I used to LOVE to spend hours and hours in. I took Jack down there. It was a hit for him too. My grandpa brought out a couple boxes of little toys and said I could take them. Jack loves little tchtochkes ! He was in heaven on the floor looking through the boxes. I almost took them all home. Then Jason said could we leave them here and every time we visit he can take a couple and play with them all? My hubby is always the thinker! My grandpa agreed. Now I don’t have to drag a ton of toys with me!  I was very excited. It was nice to see him interested in an area and toys I used to play with. Ah, memories.

When we got home around 6 we had a nice relaxing evening. Jack and I cuddled on the couch and watched ALL of Madagascar 3! Jason watched it with us too. Jack laid on me. Which is new for him. He always likes being held but now he has started to understand that sprawling out and getting comfy is wonderful. We had a pillow and blanket and all. I rubbed his face and hair. At one point we shared a bowl of my cereal/almond milk/bananas. That was our dinner. When the movie was over we all went upstairs and played for a while. I finished up my scrapbook page, Jack played with his “treasure”. Let me explain what his treasure is. Buttons! My scrapbooking buttons! He loves them and I told him they were treasure, which he now calls them that, then will say “pirate” Since he knows pirates have treasure. It is adorable to see his imagination grow. I love fostering his imagination. I have always had a big imagination and to see that my son also has one makes my heart so warm and happy.

That was our Sunday. It was wonderful, warm, and family filled. I couldn’t ask for a better day, tired or not. I wish all Sundays were that perfect.