I am sitting in my living room. I just finished my morning cup of coffee. I only drink one cup a day. The rest of the day I suck down green tea. Until about 4-5pm. Then if I want tea I switch to my ginger/turmeric tea or my chamomile tea. So this is a normal situation. I always get to enjoy my coffee while watching my favorite local morning news program. I can check emails, facebook (my internet vice), read articles, blogs, funny memes, flirt with my hubby via email, etc. That is my morning routine. It keeps me centered and starts my day out right, usually.

Today things are slightly different. My left arm is wrapped up with a bag of ice on it. I have injured myself. I have been in denial about this for a week or two. I did something to it. If I think back I think I know when I did it. I did a side plank mat move wrong. The video had us on our elbow and I think I was trying to overcompensate when she said to not let your shoulder drop. I think that is when I hurt myself. I think….anyway. I have finally accepted this.

I thought I was feeling better this week. I took two days off last week. I was cautious with shoulder/arm work when I could be. I can’t not carry around my toddler though. But extra arm workouts I avoided. I babied it a little. Must have not been enough. Last night at Reformer I had to get off the machine. We were doing a move on the long box, on our hands and knees. My left upper arm/shoulder couldn’t take it anymore. Earlier we had done arm circles and I should have switched to one red and one blue spring, not two reds. Or I should not have put my arms in T. I know better. I know I can blow my shoulder that way, but I thought I am fine! Well it kicked in immediately and a few moves later I had to stop. I was honest with Carol, the instructor. She was so helpful! She knows I am training to be an instructor. She has even subbed for one of our classes. She took a few minutes after class to show me some stretches and told me to ice ice ice. I have iced 3 times now since getting home around 7 last night. I did some of the stretching.

Last night after Reformer

Both of my brothers have had their shoulders operated on. One of my brothers has had both. They are also incredibly athletic. My parents sure are lucky to have such fit kids. (I never claimed modesty was one of our attributes.! HA!) But sometimes with fitness comes injury. I do not want to have surgery. I have seen the recovery first hand. The huge sling. The fact that I won’t be able to pick Jack up for weeks. However, I am a fitness addict. I am an athlete too and I cannot stay away. I am addicted to those endorphins. I need them. I crave them. I love them. I want to get on the elliptical today. I have been thinking about it since last night. Jason is begging me to chill out a little. I am not sure how I can.

On the elliptical I can avoid arm and shoulder work. I don’t have to use the moving handles. I can rest on the bike handles. I also have class tonight. We will be on the Reformer all night. My teacher knows about my arm. So I know I won’t be allowed to do certain things. I hate that. I love doing every single move.

Decisions decisions! I am a smart gal, so I know I need to rest but I am also an addict and sometimes the addiction speaks louder than the brain. I just love that sweat and that rush. I took Sunday off. So that is technically my day off this week, when I look at my schedule/routine. I rarely take more than 2 days off a week.

I am not sure why I am writing this. I know if someone tells me to ease up I will nod and smile. I will likely not ease up totally. Just enough to avoid arm work. Other than lifting Jack. Which I know doesn’t help. He is a solid brick. I hear that a lot from other people, so I know it is not just me thinking that.

Maybe I will take a break. We are going to meet up with a friend today. We are going to a park. I will be doing lots of moving. Then tonight I am hoping on the Reformer. I should be good and rest. It has been less than 24 hours since my last workout. It has been 15 hours.

Decisions, decisions….