I am fascinated with the concept of detoxing. I believe that our bodies do absorb things in the air, food, products, etc that are not awesome for us. I have not done any total juicing detoxes. I was playing around with the idea while I was nursing, but obviously didn’t think I should do it while being a nursing mom. Then after I weaned Jack I kept meaning to, but I didn’t find the time.

Then I got diagnosed with IBS. I revamped my diet entirely. I do not eat wheat, dairy, and a large array of fruits/veggies. It dawned on me that at this point, I live a daily detox of sorts. I follow a very strict diet. So detoxing with food probably isn’t the best idea. As an athlete, I find myself exhausted enough dealing with the elimination of foods I was so used to. I feel better lately, for the most part, but I have just decided it wasn’t wise for me to do a strict juicing detox. Maybe when I pass my 1 year mark I will reevaluate. I still believe in the benefits of detoxing.

I came across a recipe for a detox bath! A bath!!! I love baths! We currently have a large soaking tub. I have taken baths regularly since moving here. I gave it a shot last Sunday. Then again last night. I love it. I am hooked. I came across it on Pinterest, I think. The link is through wikihow, though. Click there for their full instructions. There are variations to the version I chose to follow. This one is the one  I tired and fell in love with. You may like slight alterations.

Here is the recipe that I followed:

  • Fill up the tub.
  • 2 Cups of Epsom Salt
  • 1-2 Cups of baking soda. I used 1 cup.
  • 1 Tablespoon ground ginger. I used ginger powder. They warned that this will add heat to the bath. It may even make your skin a little red. You can add some cold water to the bath if you get too hot. But you are supposed to sweat.
  • You need to soak for 40 minutes. They recommend the full 40 but if you do not have time for the full 40, to at least do 20. The first 20 minutes are when you start to sweat, which is releasing the toxins. The 2nd 20 minutes are for absorbing the minerals in the water. They also suggest essential oils. I have sensitive skin,so I opted out of that for now. I may try that later. There are instructions for children as well. I likely won’t be giving Jack a detox bath. Maybe the next time he is sick, but he doesn’t really like to sit in the bath for 40 minutes!

A few things:

  • Do not eat immediately before or after your detox bath.
  • You should drink plenty of water. I bring a huge glass of ice water with me. It helps to continue to flush out the toxins. It also cools me down if I feel a little too hot. I have a bath tray. It was a gift from my sister in law a few years ago. It is well loved! I will likely have to get a new one after we move. It has a space for my water, tea, and my kindle. I put my kindle in a hefty zip bag. To make it waterproof, just in case.
  • I also bring tea with me. Ginger Turmeric tea to be exact. It helps with my IBS issues. Settles my stomach and just aids in digestion.
  • You can use a loofah when you are done. Move in sweeping motions towards your heart.  It kick starts the lymphatic system, which helps aid in toxin release.
  • It is important to drink water after as well. You may feel a little dizzy when you get out of the bath, so exit carefully and drink water. As well as helping flush the toxins, it is re-hydrating you after all that sweat.
  • I wrap myself in a large towel and then work on putting on my jammies. I put on long  warm pants, a tshirt, usually a sweater, and socks. To keep the heat in and prolong the toxin release.
  • I take this bath in the evening. After Jack goes to bed. Then I go to bed or go relax and watch some tv. I don’t do anything too stimulating. I just enjoy the relaxation and release. I usually feel a little tingly and calm!

When I took the first bath I came downstairs after. I hadn’t told my husband what I was doing. He noticed I was gone a long while. This was our conversation:

Him: “What have you been up to?”

Me: “I took a detox bath”

Him: “What’s a detox bath”

Me: “I used Epsom salt, baking soda, and ginger. I soak for 40 minutes to sweat out toxins.”

Him: “hmmm, sounds like witchcraft!”

That is my husband. He is a character. He was being facetious, but he isn’t as into this natural healing stuff quite like I am. It was really funny. I call it a Jason-ism. Some people may feel this way about detoxing, but you can’t win everyone over!

I did read some of the discussion under the discussion tab on the site, and a lot of people do not believe in detoxing or toxins. One person was way off base with saying we are reverting hundreds of years. They mentioned they have a history degree (ah hem so do I) Saying this was similar to the reason priests used to blood let people. That is reaching if you ask me, I won’t get into a full blown argument here. But I laughed to myself.

Listen, the way I see it is, I feel great after I take this bath. I feel better than a regular bath. I am an athlete and my muscles are often sore and inflamed. At the very least an Epsom salt soak relaxes my tired muscles. I enjoy it. I felt wonderful and refreshed. So for me, the detox bath worked. There is nothing wrong with doing something like this, or a massage! I feel the same after this bath as I do after a massage. Some of the bath salts I  have tried in the past irritated my skin. Once I started itching in the bath and had that hivey feeling. Taking a bath this way does not do that to me.


If you are in the mood for awesome relaxation, have the ingredients, and just want to give it a shot, I say go for it! I hope you enjoy it like I did!