I have been mulling an idea over since last Saturday. Well really the seed was planted a couple weeks ago, by my Pilates instructor. She said whenever we were ready she would throw a mat class on the schedule, for free to the clients, for us to get practice teaching hours in. I wanted to say “me me me” right away, but I was also very nervous. Was I ready? Mat work is my passion. I truly love it. I have been doing it since high school, so probably 10 years at this point. I find true beauty in it. I am obsessed.

I taught a mat session over the weekend. Two actually. I worked with my husband. He would be better suited on the Reformer. We need to open him up a bit. He is so tall and his hamstrings are so tight, mat work is hard for him.Last night I asked him on a Reformer date. I want to get a sitter sometime soon and bring him in for some private work with me. Bow chicka bow wow! No really, actual work, not naughty time! HA! Have I ever mentioned that sometimes my sense of humor is slightly inappropriate?

I also did a class with my mother in law. We did a decent class. She was warm and sweating by the end. She told me how much she enjoyed it. Even the next day, she commented on my Facebook wall about how great it was.

I imagine this is my husband's thoughts.Photo from: Themetapicture.com

I imagine this is my husband’s thoughts.
Photo from: Themetapicture.com

I did some more thinking from Saturday-Thursday. Deep thinking and consideration. Do I think I could teach a mat class? I came to the conclusion yesterday that I think I could. I wanted it to be small at first, about 6 students. At least, at first. With options to open more spots. Weeknights would be best so that I don’t have to pay for a sitter.

I told my instructor all of this after our class last night. She was on board. I just have to email her some dates, and we are A-GO! I am nervous, but excited. I am not apprehensive. I know the mat work well. I practice it myself almost daily, when I am not sick at least. She is going to call it a “workshop” and it will be free for our current clients. The workshop, I believe, comes from the fact that it is small and not a full session amount of classes. I told her I wanted to do this to start practicing how I speak. I think it will give me the confidence to teach more on the Reformer as well. I said I just have to jump on in and do it.

Wish me luck! I am throwing myself to the proverbial wolves and just going with it. With that I am off to fit in a mat session this morning. Practice practice practice!